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Purpose-Built for P&C Insurance

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100% Focused on Serving Insurance

We care about the insurance industry, its people and the problems they face. The team at Hi Marley has experienced it firsthand, spending our careers in the business. Without insurance, our lives would be very different and that’s why we’re focused on solving insurance problems first.

When you communicate better, the carriers, agents and policyholders win.
Hi Marley is the purpose-built platform for the insurance industry to make it simple for your policyholders to reach out to their reps, cutting through communication inefficiencies.

Why is Hi Marley the Go-to Texting Solution for Insurance?

We were created with the shared purpose of helping policyholders and improving company profitability.

Built for Insurance Ecosystem

From day one, our platform was specifically designed to bring insurers and their ecosystem partners together.

Accelerate Innovation

Our entire team wakes up every morning with purpose and a laser focus to continually improve the insurance conversation.

One-of-a-Kind Insight

Our unique conversational data provides insurers with unmatched customer insights, benchmarks and competitive intelligence.

"With Hi Marley, we may not work for the same company, but they are definitely my partners. Whenever I have a question or request, they go above and beyond – always exceeding my expectations." Continue

Amanda Sills Senior Customer Experience Advisor AF Group Continue

“We knew we had policyholders who prefer texting over email or phone calls. With the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud, we’ve improved communication with those policyholders by offering a different way to interact with us.” Continue

Brett McGavock Property Claims Manager AFR Insurance Continue

“We saw parallel at Hi Marley with your focus and knowledge on the customers’ needs, specifically with texting…we also recognized that Hi Marley’s approach was to focus on supporting us as a customer. And I think it was really key to align to our business objectives and collaborate on how we can deliver those together.” Continued

Gwen Olsen Enterprise Claims Strategy Assistant Vice President American Family Insurance Continued

"Hi Marley is built for insurance and helps us provide a higher level of service beyond what's expected as the standard. The platform offers new capabilities that we didn't have previously, such as using artificial intelligence to identify conversations that need immediate attention and address those conversations faster." Continued

Laurie Pierman Vice President of Claim Operations Amerisure Insurance Continued

“Hi Marley has a deep understanding of the insurance industry and is a true partner in developing processes to enhance communication with our customers when they need us most.” Continued

Jeffrey Gagnon Department Vice President of Service Center Operations Amica Insurance Continued

"When deciding who to use as a vendor, Hi Marley's focus on insurance was a key component for us. We could have bought a texting tool anywhere, but the fact that Hi Marley understands what we're doing makes a huge difference." Continue

Patty Bullis AVP of Claims The Auto Club Group Continue

“The tool is simple and the setup was smooth. Sometimes technology implementation can be clunky, but we did not encounter that with Hi Marley – it’s a tool our claim associates like using.” Continued

Jay Lannin Senior Vice President, Property Claims and Field Operations & Real Estate and Operational Services Auto-Owners Continued

“The Hi Marley team is deeply knowledgeable of – and focused on – the insurance ecosystem, which streamlines every conversation.” Continued

Steve Messina Senior Vice President of Insurance Operations Bankers Insurance Continued

"We’ve already experienced the benefits of text messaging; we ultimately selected Hi Marley because it’s built for insurance, and we knew it would improve the claims experience for both our adjusters and policyholders. The transition to Hi Marley was seamless and allowed us to continue to offer our customers communication options and elevated customer service.” Continued

Bill Folmar Senior Vice President of Claims Donegal Insurance Group Continued

“We knew we could control the cycle times better if our own team did the work. Hi Marley’s texting platform provided an important part of the solution—a fast, simple way of obtaining damage photos from customers.” Continued

Todd Shevlin Senior Personal Lines Claims Manager Electric Insurance Company Continued

“Hi Marley is solely focused on the insurance industry. That’s important. They are knowledgeable of the problems unique to insurance and are dedicate
to solving them.” Continued

Rocco Neglia Vice President, Claims and Loss Prevention Heartland Farm Mutual Continued

“With most people dealing with an accident on the job, it’s their first experience and they are scared, anxious and vulnerable. From the first point of contact through the entire claims process, we aim to ease that burden and instill confidence and trust; Hi Marley is helping us do that.” Continued

Paul Buffone Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer LWCC Continued

“We knew texting is just the way the world wants to communicate and had to find the right way to facilitate that for our policyholders and adjusters. After our first meeting with Hi Marley, we knew the tool would meet our needs. With its ease of use and communication, Hi Marley offers great benefits for adjusters and operations.” Continue

Michael Reilley Vice President of the Claims Division MPIUA Continue

"We chose to partner with Hi Marley primarily because the team understood insurance. The competitors we met with came from banking and other non-insurance backgrounds. Understanding the insurance industry is very important to us, so Hi Marley’s deep industry knowledge and experience gave them a huge advantage. We knew we could trust them as our technology partner.” Continued

Jon Perkins Claims Manager Merchants Insurance Group Continued

“Hi Marley's customer service is impressive. Working with Hi Marley has been a pleasure. We have monthly check-ins, and our Hi Marley team is great at following up, ensuring our needs are being met, keeping us in the loop on the latest releases, and just overall making sure we're getting the most out of the platform. I can't say enough about the support we've been given." Continue

Derek Prior Claims Shared Services Manager Mutual of Enumclaw Continue

"Everyone I’ve worked with at Hi Marley knows how to talk about insurance. Since we're all speaking the same language, it has made getting things up and running so much easier. Hi Marley knows insurance, which ensured we had a smooth implementation and are getting the most out of the platform." Continue

Abel Russell Claims Director MMG Insurance Continue

"The pilot was super collaborative. Having the opportunity to identify a need and the capacity to work together to find a solution shows that Hi Marley is a great partner and cares about our success. Our team was delighted with the experience; we voted unanimously to continue with Hi Marley after the pilot." Continue

Michelle Skinner Business Intelligence Analyst II New Mexico Mutual Continue

“Hi Marley promised an easy deployment of their intuitive system with fast results, and they delivered.” Continued

John DeLucia Vice President of Claims Ohio Mutual Insurance Group Continued

“We’re happy to be the first [Canadian carrier] because we know it works. It’s just one of those things where as long as you’ve got the confidence in the solution that’s going to be helping your customers, I really don’t think you can go wrong.” Continued

Irene Bianchi CEO Peel Mutual Insurance Continued

“We’re always looking for the trifecta of a project opportunity: great customer experience, improved employee experience and low cost. If we can find tools that give us those three results, that’s gold. Hi Marley certainly gave us all three results.” Continued

Howard Goldberg Vice President Customer Solutions Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation Continued

The fact that we could implement the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud as an out-of-the-box solution was a big draw. We could start using it on a web browser without integrations or changing our client system or any other system to make it work. Continued

Daniel Thall Property Operations Manager Preferred Mutual Insurance Company Continued

“Hi Marley helps us continue to enhance what we do and ensure that we are staying with where the market is going with regards to customer experience. And there’s an absolute financial benefit to partnering with Hi Marley.” Continued

Franco DiDuca Vice President, Claims Providence Mutual Continued

“Hi Marley staff worked very closely with our adjusters and IT staff to be sure that all of our training and analytics needs were met. We are not often presented with a software solution created by insurance professionals for insurance professionals. This tool fills a gap within our industry, and we are excited to bring this needed service to our insureds.” Continued

Jeffrey Pryce Assistant Vice President, Claims Union Mutual Continued

“This is built for insurance, which makes it easy to deploy – and honestly our people love it. The team behind Hi Marley have proven themselves repeatedly in the industry. This wasn’t a hard decision.” Continued

David Ertmer Vice President of Claims West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Continued

“The pilot participants loved it. They immediately found the advantages of faster communication and some of the really great features in Hi Marley that just make their life easier. Also, a great customer service benefit, so being able to communicate quickly and not having delays in information transferring back and forth. Super easy to use the platform – very user-friendly, intuitive. We've had great response time to text being sent.” Continued

Suzanne McAuliffe VP of Claims Key Risk Management Services (a W. R. Berkley Company) Continued

Uniquely Positioned to Help You

When you choose Hi Marley, you choose a team of insurance professionals that understand your problem. Unlike a broad SMS solution for any industry, Hi Marley understands your requirements. That’s why we built Hi Marley to include features insurance carriers need like built-in translation to save you money and the ability to export transcripts for compliance. Hi Marley is an API-driven platform that easily integrates with your core claims administration systems.

Accelerate Profitable Growth by Delighting Customers and Improving Productivity

Improve Claim Quality

Quality helps improve the bottom line. Hi Marley fosters a culture of excellence in claims service.

Improve Claim Efficiency

By streamlining communication with Hi Marley, you get resolutions faster.

Improve Customer Service

Realize five-star ratings faster using the platform to communicate with your customers.

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Quality, efficiency and customer service has historically competed against each other. Hi Marley solves this by helping insurance carriers save money and grow profitable by providing a streamlined policyholder experience.