Press Release

Hi Marley Announces Formation of Insurance Advisory Council to Support Platform Innovation and Growth

The Council will guide and inform Hi Marley’s product and go-to-market strategies with background in claims, customer experience, innovation and technology. Their expertise also includes industry suppliers who offer products and services to carriers enabling them to deeply understand the pain points and priorities.

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White Paper

What Drives 1-Star and 5-Star Customer Satisfaction Scores in Claims

Carrier success depends on customer satisfaction—it all comes down to creating positive, lovable experiences for policyholders. To better understand what drives claims consumer satisfaction, Hi Marley conducted an analysis of aggregate customer data.

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Press Release

New Mexico Mutual Partners with Hi Marley to Break Down Communication Barriers & Modernize the Workers’ Comp Claims Experience

With Hi Marley's innovative translation feature, New Mexico Mutual is strengthening connection and service for multi-lingual customers.

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Press Hit

The Customer Experience Overhaul In Insurance

Mike Greene, Co-founder and CEO of Hi Marley, shares how the insurance industry is changing for the better, what the newfound focus on customer experience means for carriers and policyholders alike and the important role technology plays (think: improved communication, smarter use of data and analytics, and more).

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What to Make of the InsurTech Landscape as a Claims Leader

ACG’s Lori Pon joins us to share how to navigate the “tech swirl” of buzzwords like AI and behavioral analytics, how she turns opportunities into value-adders and more.

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