Hi Marley’s Enhanced Automation Drives Carrier Efficiency and Policyholder Delight

Benefits of Enhanced Automation

Hi Marley’s automated workflows and AI-enabled features aid with manual processes and enable:

Increased operator efficiency and productivity
Improved customer satisfaction and trust
Faster response and cycle times
Streamlined insurance-specific workflows
Operational scalability

"Our claims texting program makes it easier for our team to create cases, kicking off the process at FNOL, instead of post-FNOL. After automating our process for case creation and a few other things, we saw the number of eligible claims with texting involved grow from 10 to 40 percent. The automation had a substantial impact."

Jason Bidinger Claims Process Leader Westfield Insurance Continue

“We had a large base of insureds where English was not their preferred language and scheduling time with a translator was a challenge. Hi Marley’s translate feature enables my entire team to communicate with insureds. Time-saving, financially efficient and a smoother process for end-customers and our team members.”

Michael Turner Vice President of Claims Trexis Insurance Continue

“Total loss claims, in particular, have a lot of moving parts, but text messaging makes it easier for the adjuster to quickly provide updates and keep the customer informed at each stage. With Hi Marley, our adjusters can set up templates that explain the process and remind the customer of things like instructions on where to send the title, settlement information and more.”

Steve Lin AVP of Claim Arbella Insurance Continue

“We are seeing a reduction in cycle times that we have now eliminated that dreaded phone tag that really sucks the life out of the customer experience.”

Irene Bianchi CEO Peel Mutual Insurance Company  Continue

“It’s a win-win. Policyholders prefer text messaging rather than playing phone tag, and Hi Marley makes adjusters much more efficient in handling their claims—which in turn makes everyone happy!” 

Todd Shevlin Senior Personal Lines Claims Manager Electric Insurance Company  Continue

“We worked with our most frequent Hi Marley users to build templates, so our adjusters could begin to use them for specific parts of the claim such as first contact, follow-up messages, payment notification and more. Templates help us ensure messaging and wording are consistent across our communications.”

Emily Edwards Claims Director ACG Continue

“With Hi Marley, we’ve been able to build efficiencies into our daily workflows. This helps our claims adjusters be more proactive and efficient, and helps our injured workers get to a resolution and back to work faster.”

Jamie Bourg Vice President of People Operations LWCC  Continue

Enhanced Automation and Carrier Efficiency

Message template tokens auto-populate claimant information to quickly send frequently utilized messages.

Robust API
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Enhanced Automation and Customer Delight

  • Conversational FNOL

    Reduce stress and streamline claims FNOL and beyond through a digital, conversational solution with a human touch.

  • AI-Driven Intelligent Translation

    Instantly translate messages across 19 languages to reduce communication barriers.

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  • Inbound Chat

    Inbound text messages from customers are automatically routed and assigned appropriately for clear expectation setting and timely resolution.

  • Automated Messages

    Set up personalized, automated notifications and messages for customers to ensure they receive the right information at the right time.

Real-time translation eases communication,
builds trust and drives down costs.

Work Smarter

Hi Marley’s automated capabilities enable claims and service organizations to focus on high-value work and ensure that processes run smoothly behind the scenes.