November 16, 2021

Amica Insurance Simplifies Customer Communications with the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud

Innovative Texting Platform Lets Amica Optimize Its Customer Experience While Leveraging Guidewire to Streamline the Claims Process

Boston, MA – November 16, 2021 – Today, Hi Marley is proud to announce it’s partnering with Amica Insurance (Amica), a Rhode Island-based insurance company known for award-winning customer service, to offer policyholders advanced communications options. With the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud, Amica is modernizing the way it communicates with policyholders and enhancing the claims and service interactions they provide. And by leveraging Hi Marley’s Guidewire integration, Amica representatives can seamlessly send text messages from their core operating platforms. 

The traditional communication methods insurance carriers use to resolve matters with policyholders can involve representatives making multiple attempts to connect with customers by phone and answering their questions. With the addition of Hi Marley Insurance Cloud, Amica customers and representatives can communicate by text message, leading to faster resolutions and greater satisfaction. And it’s a change customers are looking for. In a recent survey, 71% of respondents said they would text with their insurance company if it were offered.

“Amica is a customer-centric company and classic best fit case for Hi Marley,” said Mike Greene, Hi Marley Co-Founder and CEO. “They are deeply committed to ensuring policyholder satisfaction and understand that innovation is the key to differentiation in today’s competitive insurance market. We share these commitments and are so pleased to partner with Amica to expedite and improve the policyholder experience.”

An important factor in Amica’s decision to work with Hi Marley was the ability to integrate with the Guidewire platforms used at Amica. “Our partnership is going to elevate customer service at Amica by streamlining customer communication and saving valuable time,” said David Burgoyne, Senior Service Center Operations Manager at Amica. “Adopting Hi Marley’s comprehensive and seamless two-way texting model will make life easier for both our customers and our representatives in a very user-friendly way.”

“No matter the carrier’s system of record—Guidewire, Duck Creek, Salesforce or their own homegrown application—we have the technology to layer text messaging on top of that platform,” said Greene, “allowing for seamless adoption and integration.”

Innovation is always at the forefront for the Amica team. “When we evaluated our claims experience on a deeper level, we identified the need for a seamless communication channel between our customers and claims handlers based on the volume of voicemails and callback attempts throughout the handling process,” said Brandon Casey, Senior Product Owner in Corporate Strategy at Amica. “To resolve claims more quickly while minimizing level of effort, we must keep innovating. Hi Marley’s communication platform offers greater efficiency in claims cycle times, even stronger customer satisfaction and insights we need to further refine products and services.”

In addition to text messaging capabilities, the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud connects Amica’s policyholders and representatives with the full insurance ecosystem by creating a single, unified conversation, with reps handling different parts of the claim. Amica is also excited to use Hi Marley’s outreach feature to target specific groups of policyholders with outgoing messages.

“Hi Marley has a deep understanding of the insurance industry and is a true partner in developing processes to enhance communication with our customers when they need us most,” said Jeffrey Gagnon, Department Vice President of Service Center Operations at Amica. “The AI power in Hi Marley’s platform and the analytics offered, will also bring additional value and allow our teams to improve overall outcomes. We’re excited to introduce Hi Marley to our customers and thankful to have a partner that will learn and grow with us.”


About Amica Mutual Insurance

Amica is the longest-standing mutual insurer of automobiles in the U.S. A direct writer, Amica also offers home, life, marine and umbrella insurance, as well as annuities. Founded on the principles of outstanding service, Amica creates peace of mind and builds enduring relationships with its customers. That mission is shared and supported by thousands of employees across the country. For more information, visit


About Hi Marley

Hi Marley is a software provider offering the first AI-enabled conversation platform specifically designed for the insurance industry. Hi Marley enables insurance carriers to easily and quickly communicate with customers and other partners in the insurance ecosystem through SMS messaging, so they can deliver an optimal customer experience across all touchpoints in the customer journey. The platform has flexible APIs and requires zero integration. For more information visit

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