The Hi Marley Insurance Cloud

Transform your policyholder communication and conversations across the insurance value chain.

It’s Time to Improve Insurance Communication

Insurance communication is complex and ripe with inefficiencies that cost the industry more than $200 billion a year. With policyholder churn ranging from 10% to 15%, improving communication and customer satisfaction isn’t a nice to have — it’s a must have.

But with options ranging from generalist chatbots to one- or two-way texting, understanding what will make a meaningful difference to your digital strategy can be confusing. You need a communication platform built for the insurance industry that will:

  • Positively transform the customer experience
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase handling efficiency
  • Create desired claims outcomes
  • Reduce handling stress on adjusters

A Radically Simplified Human-to-Human Experience

Hi Marley makes it simple for policyholders to connect with reps via text, cutting through communication inefficiencies. Hi Marley connects policyholders with the whole ecosystem of service providers, enabling them to seamlessly communicate. The flexible, API-driven integration easily and cost-effectively connects with your policy and claims administration systems to drive value in each lovable interaction. Don’t take our word for it — pilots can be set up in as little as one day.

The Hi Marley Insurance Cloud

Omni-Party Communications Hub

Hi Marley connects carriers and policyholders with the full insurance ecosystem. Communications are omni-channel, spanning text, mobile apps, websites and more. Messages can be outbound to targeted individuals or groups and inbound from policyholders. Hi Marley’s hub creates a single, unified conversation with all parties.

Insurance Workflows

Hi Marley’s workflows are built for insurance users and guides them every step of the way. Message templates are available for every need. Scheduled communications ensure the right communication happens at the right time. And compliance tools cover opt-ins, transcripts and more. Hi Marley’s workflows ensure insurance-specific execution of every customer interaction.

Ecosystem Connectors

Hi Marley’s organizational modeling captures how all ecosystem parties are related to each other. Platform APIs connect Hi Marley with your partners to facilitate communications across organizational boundaries. Hi Marley also has pre-built integrations with leading core insurance systems. Hi Marley’s connectors integrate systems and organizations.

AI-Powered Enablers

Hi Marley’s AI provides day-to-day coaching to users. It also conducts sentiment analysis to understand how customers are feeling, not just what they’re saying. AI translates messages so that customers can communicate in their preferred language. And it powers conversation bots for helpful but unattended customer interactions. Hi Marley’s AI enablers power smarter, faster work.

Insights & Benchmarks

Hi Marley’s insights and benchmarks help managers monitor and assess performance. Real-time analysis provides insights on conversations. Dashboards track and report on key metrics and industry benchmarks help carriers compare their performances. These insights and analysis help drive continuous organizational improvement.

The Hi Marley Insurance Cloud Powers Usage-Specific Solutions

Hi Marley delivers the Insurance Cloud to customers with solutions that address key parts of the policyholder experience. Learn how Hi Marley can help your organization deliver exceptional experiences in claims, service and sales.

Hi Marley Improves Insurance Communication

We’ve built the platform to improve every aspect of insurance communication.

Improved Workday

Reps have an improved workday, with streamlined communication and faster time to resolution.

Measure Performance

Supervisors can measure performance of teams and customer satisfaction scores.

Profitable Growth

Leadership can see measurable ROI with Hi Marley, from reducing calls to resolution, to realizing profitable growth.

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