Accelerate Efficiency and Improve Performance with On-the-Job Coaching and Insights

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Benefits of Coaching

Coaching insights, AI-enabled message intelligence and embedded writing assistance drive business forward while proactively addressing customer needs.

Carriers enjoy:
An amplified voice of the customer
Actionable supervisor insights
Enhanced employee productivity
Lovable employee recognition
Embedded AI and analytics



Beta users across claims-specific use cases improved adjuster response times by at least 20%.
With Coaching, Hi Marley extends beyond a communication platform. We’re leveraging data, AI and workflows to amplify the voice of the customer while empowering employees with tailored insights and guided actions.

Data & Insights for Every Persona

Customized dashboards provide critical information to continually improve performance and customer experience.

My Insights

Personalized alerts to prioritize next steps, plus an inspiring customer quote of the day.

My Team Insights

Customized supervisor tools to guide best practices and indicate opportunity areas.

My Org Insights

Organizational-level data captures industry analytics, conversational insight and sentiment analysis.

“AI-driven notifications have been extremely helpful with bringing attention to communication breakdowns. We can quickly triage what we’re seeing, set expectations and recover.”

Lori Pon Head of Claims Strategy & Innovation The Auto Club Group

AI-Enabled Message Intelligence

Hi Marley’s message intelligence engine ingests conversational data and provides real-time alerts so users can
proactively engage with customers, de-escalating potential issues.

Litigation Risks

Mitigate chances of legal action.

Negative Sentiment

Recognize when a customer is upset.


Identify and prevent obstacles in the claims process.

Customer Questions

Promptly respond to message inquiries.

Embed Writing Assistance with Grammarly

Ensure confidence in customer communications through clear, mistake-free writing. Detect spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in real-time for lasting customer service and satisfaction.

Learn how you can reduce customer churn and improve employee performance with Coaching by watching our recent webinar on-demand!