We Understand How Insurance Works

Providing insurance is complex — lots of parties involved, lots of processes, and policyholders need different things at different times. At Hi Marley, we’re insurance people ourselves, so we understand the specific communication needs of each function and department within a carrier’s organization. And we’ve designed solutions that leverage the power of the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud.


30% of policyholders will switch insurance carriers due to a poor experience.

Hi Marley Solutions

Hi Marley Claims

Provides the SMS platform and real-time insights to improve the claims experience.

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Hi Marley Service

Creates an opportunity for carriers and agents to provide exceptional customer experiences.

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Hi Marley Solutions: Simple, Lovable Customer Communications

Built for Insurance

Hi Marley solutions are built by insurance professionals. We understand your problems because we've lived them. You get solutions designed for insurance to build trust.

Made to Be Easy

Customers want simplicity and clarity. Hi Marley’s guiding principle is to make insurance lovable one conversation at a time. Hi Marley solutions simplify communication with transparency for policyholders and your team.

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Hi Marley solutions have tangible benefits, such as reducing 35% of calls per claim on average and eliminating up to three days of cycle time — giving policyholders a better experience.

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