Hi Marley Claims

A Solution Delivered on the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud

Text-based claims processing for faster resolution and delighted customers.

A Simple Solution for the
Entire Claims Process

With Hi Marley Claims, insureds, claimants, FNOL representatives, adjusters, agents and claims vendor partners can quickly streamline the communications needed to report, investigate, evaluate and resolve claims.

Feature Highlights:

  • One, unified conversation across the insurance ecosystem
  • Claims-specific message templates and workflows
  • Message translation for 19+ languages
  • Conversation transcripts and audit logs
  • Policyholder satisfaction pulse
  • Claims dashboards and data insights

"There are a lot of steps in the workers' compensation claims process, so injured workers are understandably frustrated if they can't communicate clearly with their claims team. Hi Marley's ability to translate conversations enables us to quickly and clearly answer questions, making everything more efficient for everyone involved in the process."

Rick Hobbs Senior Vice President, Claims AF Group Continue

“I love the translation feature. Before Hi Marley, I would either need to tag in a colleague for translation if she had time, hope there was a family member available on the claimant’s side that could help or use a third-party translation service. Hi Marley makes it so much easier to communicate and resolve issues.”

Monica Graham Casualty Adjuster AFR Insurance Continue

“Adopting Hi Marley’s comprehensive and seamless two-way texting model will make life easier for both our customers and our representatives in a very user-friendly way.”

David Burgoyne Senior Service Center Operations Manager Amica Insurance Continue

“Total loss claims, in particular, have a lot of moving parts, but text messaging makes it easier for the adjuster to quickly provide updates and keep the customer informed at each stage. With Hi Marley, our adjusters can set up templates that explain the process and remind the customer of things like instructions on where to send the title, settlement information and more.”

Steve Lin AVP of Claim Arbella Insurance Continue

“After implementing Hi Marley, an adjuster on my team saw her empathy scores skyrocket. She says Hi Marley helped her express empathy more effectively by typing out the words instead of talking on the phone.”

Jeremy Edwards Claim Manager The Auto Club Group Continue

"When we use Hi Marley, the adjuster receives constant coaching and feedback from alerts, sentiment analysis and customer satisfaction surveys. And the nice thing is Hi Marley provides that on every conversation. Through text messaging and Hi Marley, we're able to use all of the data to identify successes, what's working well and opportunities for improvement."

Tania Sanfiel Director of P&C Claims Assurant Continue

“Texting eliminates phone tag, allowing us to connect with our customers faster. It’s a simple use case but the value cannot be overstated.”

Jay Lannin Senior Vice President, Property Claims and Field Operations & Real Estate and Operational Services Auto-Owners Continue

“We recognized the potential of Hi Marley’s platform to provide value to both our customers and our claims team, particularly during a catastrophe.”

Steve Messina Senior Vice President of Insurance Operations Bankers Insurance Continue

“I was able to bring the claim to a quicker resolution because of Hi Marley. It bridged the language barrier and sped up the process for both sides – and it saved time and money from having to bring in a translation service.”

Rachel McMahan Senior Liability Claims Analyst Conifer Insurance Continue

“We’re focused on helping the patient return to work, and their livelihood, in a safe manner. Hi Marley enables instant communication after an appointment. That speed and responsiveness are essential for obtaining medical documentation and helps us know if their doctor has determined if the injured worker can return to work in any capacity.”

Ana Blair Health Services Supervisor Chesapeake Employers Insurance Continue

“Hi Marley speeds up the total loss determination. We can easily gather lienholder information, account numbers, banking permissions and more, as well as confirm features on the vehicle—all small details that, if gathered quickly, help to finalize the total loss assessment and resolve claims faster.”

Elizabeth Fitzgerald Senior Auto Damage Team Lead Electric Insurance Company Continue

“[Hi Marley] changes the experience for our claims team. These are professionals dedicated to helping our customers – and giving them better tools matters.”

Teresa King Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer Encova Insurance Continue

“Offering another way of communicating claims information allows us to gather information and get answers to straightforward questions before an adjuster gets out to the property. The insured can also send photos of the damages through Hi Marley, which helps us get a better idea of what we’re walking into so we can process the claim faster.”

Daniel Hall Claims Adjuster MPIUA Continue

“The people who use Hi Marley the most rave about it. They love it. The platform increases efficiencies, saves time, helps proactively identify and resolve issues and drives customer satisfaction. Ever since we opted to become early adopters, we haven’t looked back. We’ve seen a lot of success.”

Jon Perkins Claims Manager Merchants Insurance Group Continue

"Hi Marley is very easy to use. The platform is robust, but there's nothing complex about using it…And our adjusters love it. They can easily share documents via text, and it automatically uploads to the claim file, so they don't need to worry about manually adding transcripts to the claim file later.”

Derek Prior Claims Shared Services Manager Mutual of Enumclaw Continue

"Our users are loving Hi Marley. They like the pace of communication; text messaging enables our adjusters to increase efficiencies and answer customer questions quickly."

Abel Russell Claims Director MMG Insurance Continue

"Hi Marley's accelerators that make integrations easier were a big selling point for us because other options we looked at didn't offer that. We liked that we could begin leveraging the tool as a standalone product to improve our claims process and operations, then easily integrate once Guidewire approves the accelerator for our version of ClaimCenter."

Michelle Skinner Business Intelligence Analyst II New Mexico Mutual Continue

“Policyholders will now be able to complete self-inspections and resolve their claims through simple text messaging, increasing speed and transparency in the underwriting and claims processes.”

David Cote General Counsel and Chief Claims Officer The Norfolk & Dedham Group Continue

“Once we began using Hi Marley, our Claims team had fewer voicemails to return, were able to move claims to resolution faster, and our customers were happier.”

John DeLucia Vice President of Claims Ohio Mutual Insurance Group Continue

“We are proud to offer not just a texting solution for our insureds, but also a more simple and efficient way for our team to handle claims.”

Dan Heap Vice President of Claims Peel Mutual Insurance Company Continue

“The ability to communicate effectively, efficiently and not have redundancy was key. We just looked at every opportunity to use Hi Marley to get in front of the customer with valuable information—it was a helpful tool for us. The feedback we got from our total loss reps is that Hi Marley made everything much more efficient, quicker and easier.”

Doug Sprous Vice President of Claims Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation Continue

“What I love about Hi Marley is the amount of time it saves me every single day. I would estimate it's saving me at least two hours on average per day—a quarter of my workday. It's so much time that I'm getting back to work on claims, so that's my favorite thing about it."

Angie Ellis Claims Adjuster Preferred Mutual Insurance Company Continue

“Texting is one of the easy tools we can use to continue to make the claims experience better, and it doesn’t require much effort.”

Robert Bowers National Claims and Customer Service Leader Westfield Insurance Continue

“Claims is a tough job – anybody who's done it knows it's busy; time management is key, organization is key. And Hi Marley is a wonderful tool to help with those necessary skills in the claim-adjusting world.”

Suzanne McAuliffe VP of Claims Key Risk Management Services (a W. R. Berkley Company) Continue

Benefits of Hi Marley Claims

Delight Customers

Policyholders, claimants and agents communicate easily with the claims ecosystem, creating a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Improve the Claim Process

Claim professionals benefit from improved efficiencies along with reductions in phone tag, handling stress and customer frustration.

Increase Customer Retention

Customers are satisfied with faster time to resolution, resulting in less customer churn.

At the claims “moment of truth,” policyholders know promises will be kept and claims will be hassle-free and handled with empathy.

See how Hi Marley can work for you.