April 15, 2021

Heartland Farm Mutual Now Offering Customers Real Time Texting Capabilities to Communicate with Reps

The Innovative Texting Platform from Hi Marley Enables Heartland to Simplify and Streamline the Customer Experience

Waterloo, ONT and Boston, MA – April 15, 2021 – Hi Marley is proud to announce its partnership with Heartland Farm Mutual. With Hi Marley’s innovative texting platform, Heartland Farm can offer its customers advanced communications options for their claims and more.

The insurance industry has used traditional, and now antiquated communications methods to resolve both complicated and simple customer issues and questions. Claims representatives spent excessive time attempting to connect with customers – resulting in endless phone tag, long customer hold times and piles of voicemail messages. With Hi Marley, Heartland Farm now conveniently engages customers via text message, which improves time to settlement, provides clear insight into how claims are settled, and substantially increases overall customer satisfaction.

“Being in the insurance industry for many years, I have seen first-hand how difficult communication between insurance providers and policy holders can get,” said Rocco Neglia, Vice President, Claims & Loss Prevention at Heartland Farm Mutual. “Our goal is to communicate seamlessly with our customers and real time two-way texting is the solution.”

Hi Marley’s platform is currently being rolled out to all of Heartland’s customer-facing claims representatives across its claims organization, with plans for further deployment in subsequent phases.

Heartland Farm is also using Marley Mobile, the mobile app specifically designed for field staff. The mobile app brings the field team into the conversation faster; the communication is done through the app and conversations, documents and photos are automatically uploaded into the customer’s file. It’s better for the customers and makes reps’ jobs easier, too.

“Hi Marley is solely focused on the insurance industry,” said Neglia, “That’s important. They are knowledgeable of the problems unique to insurance and are dedicated to solving them.” Hi Marley’s platform will support Heartland’s team in providing a superior customer experience through fast contact, improved settlement time and increased visibility into the details around settlements.”

“We’ve enjoyed getting to know the Heartland Farms team,” said Mitesh Suchak, COO of Hi Marley. “We admire their commitment to innovation, challenging norms in the insurance industry, and to providing their customers with an experience that makes them love their insurance relationship. We’re excited to see how Hi Marley will help Heartland exceed their customers’ expectations.” Being Canadian himself, and with Hi Marley having roots in Canada, Mitesh was also thrilled to be adding another Canadian partner!

About Heartland Farm Mutual Inc.

Heartland was established on January 1, 2016 as a result of the amalgamation between North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance Company (established 1874) and Oxford Mutual Insurance Company (established 1878). The company offers home, farm, automobile and business insurance through brokers and agents in Ontario. Heartland is the second largest insurer in the group of companies known as farm mutuals in the province of Ontario. In 2019, the company had premium revenue of $130 million. Its head office is in Waterloo, Ontario. For more information visit www.heartlandfarmmutual.com.

About Hi Marley

Hi Marley is the intelligent communication platform for the insurance industry. Built by people who know and love insurance, the platform enables hassle-free texting across the entire ecosystem, empowering insurance professionals and delighting policyholders. Hi Marley’s industry leading analytics deliver novel insights that fuel continuous improvement. The solution is built for the enterprise – fast to deploy, easy to use and seamlessly integrates with other core systems. Hi Marley is empowering the world’s leading insurance carriers to reinvent the customer and employee experience. Learn more at www.himarley.com.

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