What Is Hi Marley?

What Is Hi Marley?

Hi Marley is the SaaS platform built for the insurance industry by people who know and love insurance. It enables communication between the policyholder, insurance carrier and partners through texting, helping delight policyholders and enhancing the jobs of insurance reps.

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Our Employees Have a Lot to Say!

"I’m stoked on Hi Marley. We’re disrupting a technologically-deficient industry with a tool that reaches the pockets of millions of consumers. Hi Marley empowers me to take risks and own my actions and decision-making. Hi Marley enables me to work collaboratively to create efficiencies across the back office. Hi Marley celebrates our wins and ensures everyone is aligned on our corporate goals and living our core values every day. Even as a mid-pandemic hire, I was embraced by the team with open arms, open ears and swag sent straight to my home!"

Eric Goode

Finance Team

"There are so many reasons I love working at Hi Marley, but #1 has to be the culture. The incredible culture is carefully fostered and promoted from leadership down, and it is an environment that encourages collaboration, growth, transparency and communication. Everyone is genuine and truly wonderful to work with!"

Jennelle Brosseau

Growth Team

"The team at Hi Marley value each other's uniqueness and individuality; however, what brings us together is this shared drive to create change throughout the insurance industry or local community. Whether it's developing a feature or leading a community service initiative, you will find a team who wants to be the change they see in the world."

Lina Sullivan

Product Team

"I’ve really lucked out to have my first job out of school be at Hi Marley. I was blown away by the people who worked here and the environment they worked in. I never thought a company would have such a 'family' vibe and comfort the way Hi Marley does. The longer I work at Hi Marley, the more I learn how passionate everyone is about the work we do. I wanted a job where the work I did felt impactful. I was able to find that at Hi Marley because everything we do here — from the company's mission to the company's values to the day-to-day work — is meaningful."

Erik Dane

Product Team

"I love working at Hi Marley because of the authentic commitment to a diverse, fun and collaborative work environment that inspires personal growth and innovative solutions that are changing an industry."

Greg Haynes

Engineering Team

"I dare you to find another company that will send you homemade chicken noodle soup when an illness has swept through your family! Hi Marley has been bright spot in an otherwise difficult year."

Dan Ko

Customer Team

"When I was networking and interviewing for a new role, I was blown away by what I was hearing at Hi Marley when meeting with members of the leadership team. They each shared their unique passions along with a consistent theme focusing on the employees and their mission for creating and sustaining an exceptional culture. When the team is challenged, valued and appreciated, the customer wins, too. After being here for a while now, what they said in those interviews holds true today – and I’m so honored to be part of the Hi Marley family."

Amy Finn

Marketing Team

"I love the culture of enablement at Hi Marley. I'm encouraged to take ownership of parts of the system and I'm provided with the resources and support from leadership to grow and manage that responsibility. There is an abundance of opportunity here for anyone eager to lead the charge and build something awesome from the ground up."

John Tokarowski

Engineering Team

"Since my first day, I have felt nothing but trust from each and every one of the amazing individuals that contribute to the success of Hi Marley. Now, almost a year in, it is abundantly clear that we are driven by our culture and the mindset that we are all working toward the same goal. It’s infectious and exciting to say the least."

Casey Macfarlane

Customer Team

"Working in a foreign country with a completely different crowd than I’m used to could have been difficult for me, but Hi Marley makes me feel at home. All employees work like a family every day. Every leader makes sure that their team is motivated, and every member gets an equal chance to learn and grow. All views and ideas are highly respected and valued and the company believes in continuous improvement and growth. Hi Marley’s motive is not only to be successful as a company but also to give their employees the best environment to work. I feel lucky to be a part of Hi Marley!"

Neha Panchal

Engineering Team

Join a Company That Genuinely Cares About You

When you join Hi Marley, you join a team that aligns to a common purpose, embraces diverse backgrounds and world views and has a genuine curiosity and interest in each other, our customers and the insurance industry.

Core Values

Our core values define how we treat people and how we want to be treated. It is how we behave that unites us.

Max Courage

We encourage our team, our customers and their customers to dream big, try new ideas and take measured risks.

Be Humble

We promote a culture of humility, empathy and openness to learn from anyone, anywhere.

Ubuntu: “I am because we are”

True success is being part of a purpose much bigger than any single individual or company.

Benefits & Perks

Exceptional employees deserve exceptional benefits. We aim to support our employees with the resources and flexibility to help them succeed at work and home. And we’re always seeking out opportunities to expand our offerings.

Open Vacation Policy

Take the time you need when needed. We mean it!

Generous Coverage

Benefit eligibility begins on day one! HSA, FSA, vision, dental, short-term and long-term disability and free healthcare options are available to
all employees!

Life Insurance

Should anything happen, our life insurance policy pays three times your annual salary to aid your
loved ones.

Paid Parental Leave

The arrival of a child is an exciting occasion, so we give you the time you need to spend with your family.

Financial Benefits

We care about helping you build your future. Have financial confidence with our competitive stock options and 401(k) match.

Ongoing Learning

We are a growth-minded organization and encourage continuous learning through investments in your professional development.


Enjoy wellness classes, team-based challenges and monthly stipends to use on the wellness and lifestyle options you find meaningful.

Referral Bonus

We generously reward you for harnessing the power of your network – with no cap on the number of referrals you can make.

Events & Entertainment

Our events provide fun opportunities for employees to build meaningful relationships.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are committed to creating and fostering a culture of belonging through diversity, equity and inclusion. Hi Marley is dedicated to being a place where everyone feels seen, heard, included, valued and celebrated for what makes them unique. We are always striving to create a truly lovable work life for our employees.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Senior Product Manager

As a Senior Product Manager, you will play a key role in the evolution of Hi Marley, helping us build and deepen our insights as we aspire to build the best communication platform in Insurance. This person will drive experiments through design thinking tools, and be able to breakdown complex problems into simple solutions focused on important customer needs.

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What to Expect When Applying

Knowing what to expect helps job seekers stay prepared, relaxed and able to share their authentic selves. The eight steps of the hiring process at Hi Marley reflect the company’s culture and values from beginning to end.

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