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Your investment in digital technology is more than just buying the right solution — it’s partnering with the right team. Our customer success approach goes far beyond the product. Our team partners with you before, during and after implementation, always aiming to exceed your goals and expectations.

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Dedicated Customer Success Manager

A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) is yours from the start. Your CSM aligns Hi Marley resources around your team’s needs and is focused on understanding your specific goals to ensure scalable and successful outcomes. Meet Our Customer Success Managers

Implementation & Enablement Team

Getting off to a fast and effective start will lead to ongoing success and delight with our platform. Your CSM will partner with our Implementation and Enablement (I&E) team during onboarding to provide project planning, strategic guidance and more. The I&E team will ensure your staff is trained and mentored for maximum program adoption. If you have product feedback, our I&E team also maintains continual communication with the Hi Marley design team to ensure our product always reflects our customers’ emerging needs. Meet Our Implementation and Enablement Team

Customer Support Team

We are obsessed with providing fast, effective and personalized answers to your questions. The Customer Support team provides world-class human support — usually in less than 10 minutes! We’re continually working behind the scenes and directly with you to provide your team with the best user experience possible. Meet Our Customer Support Team

Welcome to the Gold Standard in Insurance Conversation

Hi Marley is changing the insurance industry one conversation at a time. Our platform is a powerful tool that improves outcomes for your policyholders, your employees and your business. Here are some of the ways our team ensures a rock-solid deployment, preparing your team for ongoing maximum success:

Customer-Specific Onboarding

We are committed to understanding your specific goals and to ensuring optimal implementation and use of the platform to meet and exceed those goals. We do not have a defined, one-size-fits-all onboarding program.

Customized Training and Rollouts

Every training program is tailored to the needs and goals of your specific team and audience. This allows for team-specific best practices and enablement takeaways.

Quicker Return on Investment

We are adept at accelerating time to value and working with you to outline the most direct path to achieving your current and evolving goals. Our team gets you up and running quickly so you can start reaping the benefits sooner.

Easier Implementation

While you can use Hi Marley with no integration, when you are ready to integrate to your core systems, we are here to make the process as simple as possible. Our engineering team has designed our integrations for ease of use and maximum benefit output to your teams and customers.

“We saw parallel at Hi Marley with your focus and knowledge on the customers’ needs, specifically with texting…we also recognized that Hi Marley’s approach was to focus on supporting us as a customer. And I think it was really key to align to our business objectives and collaborate on how we can deliver those together.” Continue

Gwen Olsen Enterprise Claims Strategy Assistant Vice President American Family Continue

“Hi Marley has a deep understanding of the insurance industry and is a true partner in developing processes to enhance communication with our customers when they need us most.” Continue

Jeffrey Gagnon Department Vice President of Service Center Operations Amica Insurance Continue

“The tool is simple and the setup was smooth. Sometimes technology implementation can be clunky, but we did not encounter that with Hi Marley – it’s a tool our claim associates like using.” Continue

Jay Lannin Senior Vice President, Property Claims and Field Operations & Real Estate and Operational Services Auto-Owners Continue

“The Hi Marley team is deeply knowledgeable of – and focused on – the insurance ecosystem, which streamlines every conversation.” Continue

Steve Messina Senior Vice President of Insurance Operations Bankers Insurance Continue

“We knew we could control the cycle times better if our own team did the work. Hi Marley’s texting platform provided an important part of the solution—a fast, simple way of obtaining damage photos from customers.” Continue

Todd Shevlin Senior Personal Lines Claims Manager Electric Insurance Company Continue

“Hi Marley is solely focused on the insurance industry. That’s important.
They are knowledgeable of the problems unique to insurance and are dedicate
to solving them.” Continue

Rocco Neglia Vice President, Claims and Loss Prevention Heartland Farm Mutual Continue

"With most people dealing with an accident on the job, it’s their first experience and they are scared, anxious and vulnerable. From the first point of contact through the entire claims process, we aim to ease that burden and instill confidence and trust; Hi Marley is helping us do that.” Continue

Paul Buffone Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer LWCC Continue

“Hi Marley promised an easy deployment of their intuitive system with fast results, and they delivered.” Continue

John DeLucia Vice President of Claims Ohio Mutual Insurance Group Continue

“We’re happy to be the first [Canadian carrier] because we know it works. It’s just one of those things where as long as you’ve got the confidence in the solution that’s going to be helping your customers, I really don’t think you can go wrong.” Continue

Irene Bianchi CEO Peel Mutual Insurance Continue

“My team and I are really in this to win for our customers, our employees and our agency partners. And my confidence increases based on the partnership that we have with Hi Marley.” Continue

Mary Boyd President and CEO Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation Continue

“Hi Marley staff worked very closely with our adjusters and IT staff to be sure that all of our training and analytics needs were met. We are not often presented with a software solution created by insurance professionals for insurance professionals. This tool fills a gap within our industry, and we are excited to bring this needed service to our insureds.” Continue

Jeffrey Pryce Assistant Vice President, Claims Union Mutual Continue

“This is built for insurance, which makes it easy to deploy – and honestly our people love it. The team behind Hi Marley have proven themselves repeatedly in the industry. This wasn’t a hard decision.” Continue

David Ertmer Vice President of Claims West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Continue

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