Merchants Insurance Group

Customer Success Story


At first, we here at Merchants were concerned about the amount of usage we would see in the platform given our concentration on commercial accounts. But we were surprised to find the Hi Marley platform very beneficial for communicating with injured workers on our worker compensation claims in addition to our auto and property claims.

Our results with Hi Marley were very good right from the start- a good percentage of people opting in to text and the vast majority of comments and surveys were very positive. The ability to accept downloaded photos to the text string, is probably one of my favorite features in the product. Also, from a management perspective, the ability to get real time access to not only the text strings but individual and group data for analysis, is incredibly beneficial too. If I could tell potential customers out there who might be on the fence about why Hi Marley would be the right fit- If you want to improve customer satisfaction and claim cycle time, offering the text option is a potential game changer.

Claims Manager
Merchants Insurance Group