May 09, 2023

How Built-for-Insurance Technology is Improving This Adjuster’s Job

The turnover rate for the P&C insurance industry—one of the most stressful industries to work in—is high, with 83 percent of adjusters leaving their role within three years.

A claims adjuster is under mounting pressure every day. They are responsible for quickly processing claims and serving as the customers’ main point of contact in a time of need, ensuring a seamless experience. Giving adjusters innovative tools to manage their workloads, increase efficiency and drive satisfaction is crucial.

We recently sat down with Angie Ellis, a Claims Adjuster, to learn more about how Hi Marley has helped transform her day-to-day responsibilities for improved outcomes.

Reducing Phone Call Volume Keeps Claims Moving Forward, Faster

Angie volunteered for her employer’s Hi Marley pilot and loved the platform from day one. “I wanted the Hi Marley pilot to be successful so my company would keep it,” said Angie. “Otherwise, my life would go back to spending hours a day on phone calls. So I need to make them see that this is a valuable resource that people want to use.”

Angie began working in her carrier’s department called Fast Track, which handles claims such as single vehicle accidents—someone hit a guard rail, telephone pole or a deer, for instance— basic claim types that adjusters typically work through fast.

“I would get a lot of claims in a day because our units sent anything that qualified for Fast Track directly to me,” said Angie. “I saw ten claims a day, on average, which means a lot of contact with people. And while I do enjoy conversating to a certain extent, it got to a point where phone calls were just consuming massive chunks of my day.”‘

For Angie, she knew the importance of keeping claims moving forward but dealing with phone calls, voicemails and emails began to create time constraints.

She continued, “And then if I happen to be out for a day, I’d come back to 15 voicemails. And then that takes your entire morning, returning those phone calls, instead of being able to just send a text, which is oftentimes more convenient.”

Reaching Customers When It’s Convenient

Offering text messaging also benefits customers in a variety of ways. Some customers have jobs where they cannot pick up a phone, but they can send a text and provide the information needed to keep the claim moving forward.

“I’ve had a couple of teachers with claims, for example, where they can’t pick up their phone during the workday, but they can text when they have a free moment,” said Ellis. “And so it doesn’t stall the process.”

Sometimes customers just want to know they’re heard, and sending a text is all they need to feel content with the interaction.

A recent Hi Marley study found that 23 percent of customer inquiries in claims are not questions but comments that required acknowledgment of receipt or confirmation of information sent. By proactively sending a text acknowledging receipt before a customer asks, carriers could save three messages per conversation on average.

“The customer experience with Hi Marley has been extremely awesome,” said Angie. “Everybody loves how convenient it is and how it allows us to speed up the claim process.”

Furthermore, Angie mentioned that customers appreciate having the information available via text. “For example, if we set up a rental car, we can easily text them the information. Then, they also have their claim number and our contact information in hand whenever needed. If you leave the house, you never leave your phone. It’s just easier in a world where everything is done on the phone in our pocket.”

Enabling Fast Track Claims to Open and Close in 24 Hours

Angie appreciated that with Hi Marley, claimants can easily send photos, videos and other documents via text, which enables her to open and close Fast Track claims within a day.

Angie explained, “If it wasn’t major damage, and someone responded quickly with photos and details, I could send everything to an appraiser, they could write it a desk review and send it back, then I could issue payment and close the claim within 24 hours of receiving it, which was huge.”

As Angie said, at the end of the day, people just want money in hand for repairs to fix their car and to get their vehicle back. And Hi Marley has helped speed up that process.

Hi Marley Allows Adjusters to Spend More Time on Quality Work 

And with that efficiency, Angie says she can spend more time on her notes, decision-making and overall work quality, ensuring fewer mistakes.

“What I love about Hi Marley is the amount of time it saves me every single day,” said Angie. “I would estimate, it’s saving me at least two hours, on average per day, which is a quarter of my day. It’s so much time that I’m getting back to work on claims.”

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