ACG Dramatically Improves KPIs with Hi Marley Coaching Capabilities

Hi Marley helps ACG drive member satisfaction throughout the claims process, from quickly answering questions, scheduling calls and inspections and sending and receiving media files, and with the addition of Coaching Capabilities, ACG could enhance member service and productivity.

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How Carriers Can Boost Efficiency, Productivity and Satisfaction with Hi Marley’s Multi-Party Texting

Introducing Multi-Party Texting (MPT), an innovative and valuable feature that allows carrier users to add multiple SMS participants to a single conversation in Hi Marley, reducing friction points and making the experience more delightful.


Our Story: Building a Winning Culture

Hi Marley was founded with two goals: to transform the insurance industry and create the best workplace culture team members have ever experienced. The founders were adamant about ensuring leadership led by example by behaving in alignment with a shared purpose and set of values.


Westfield Integrates One Inc and Hi Marley to Create One Unified Conversation

Westfield worked with One Inc and Hi Marley to build an integration allowing adjusters to initiate payment through their claims system of record and consolidate all text messages into one conversation, saving cycle time, increasing efficiency and improving the claims experience.


How Built-for-Insurance Technology is Improving This Adjuster’s Job

Angie Ellis, a Claims Adjuster at Preferred Mutual shares four ways Hi Marley has helped transform her day-to-day responsibilities for improved outcomes.

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Simple, Lovable UX: Crafting Digital Experiences that Win Hearts

The digital world is in constant churn, presenting ever-new and evolving challenges and delights to creators and users. In this chaotic technological landscape, one thing is certain: simple, lovable UX will continue to captivate and hook users and will serve as the fundamental bedrock for meaningful digital experiences.

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Time to First Contact: Why it Matters in Claims

Time to first contact (TTFC) is an important metric carriers should measure, it sets the tone for the rest of the claim lifecycle and can improve business outcomes.


Mutual of Enumclaw Selects Hi Marley as Zipwhip Replacement

When Twilio announced Zipwhip would permanently shut down, Mutual of Enumclaw (MOE) needed to find a new partner for its texting needs. Hi Marley helps MOE give and receive quick responses, ultimately getting the information they need faster and reducing cycle times. 

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