FEATURED Blog Post | Q&A with Jason Bidinger, Westfield Insurance

How Automation Fosters Lovable Customer Experiences

In this Q&A, Jason shares how Westfield is achieving a balance between automation and improving the customer experience.


New Texting Capability Drives Significant Service Enhancements at Electric Insurance Company®

Continuing to improve its exceptional claim service, the award-winning Electric Insurance Company has added Hi Marley’s texting platform to its claim processes—where it found immediate, enthusiastic acceptance by claimants.

FEATURED Blog Post | Shari McGrath

Hi Marley Celebrates 1 Million Users and Our Customers Who Made It Happen!

One million policyholders across North America have now used the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud communications platform to communicate with their carriers! Our customers helped drive adoption with innovative ideas.

FEATURED Blog Post | Ujjval Patel

Do Policyholders Want to Text with Their Insurance Providers?

Recent survey data shows a consumer demand for texting and how carriers can will improve policyholder experiences by aligning conversation types to the right channel.

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