How Carriers Can Improve the Workers’ Compensation Process

Uncover the Most Common Questions in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Nobody anticipates getting injured at work. When accidents happen, many questions arise. Carriers must promptly address inquiries to minimize uncertainties.

Hi Marley aimed to uncover the most frequently asked questions in workers’ compensation claims.

Read our latest white paper to learn how carriers can anticipate these inquiries to improve outcomes, streamline the process, and provide much-needed support to injured workers on their recovery journey.

Requests for contact accounted for 24% of all inquiries, demonstrating that injured workers need support and want to feel heard.

Combine Automation and Empathy to Streamline Workers’ Compensation

Support Faster Recovery

Use predefined message templates for scheduling reminders and checkups

Manage Expectations

Explain the process in the beginning and send automated messages

Provide Peace of Mind

Automatic payment updates can create a better experience

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