Conifer Insurance Adds Texting to Improve the Customer Experience

Always looking for innovative ways to improve the customer experience, Conifer set their eyes on advancing communication. They wanted to offer their customers more ways to communicate – methods that would fit their needs and preferences. They landed on texting.

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Do Policyholders Want to Text with Their Insurance Providers?

Recent survey data shows a consumer demand for texting and how carriers can will improve policyholder experiences by aligning conversation types to the right channel.

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The Human Component of Claims Transformation

"Be transparent with employees and leaders about what we are doing, why we are doing it and what it means to them personally." This, and three other tenants Westfield uses to empower their team and make change stick.

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Text or Phone? How to Optimize Policyholder Communications

Customers want to decide when they want to communicate, how they want to communicate and how often they want to communicate. For insurance carriers, this means creating an omni-channel experience and choosing the right channel for the right message.

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