May 31, 2022 | Sarah Terlaga, Senior Talent Partner, Hi Marley

What to Expect When Applying at Hi Marley in Eight Steps

The job search experience can be stressful, but at Hi Marley, we strive to make it open and straightforward so our candidates can be prepared, relaxed and their authentic selves. If you are applying for one of our open roles, here’s how it works:

1.    Thanks for Applying!

We start by acknowledging receipt of your application. After reviewing resumes, our goal is to respond to each applicant, letting you know whether or not we are moving forward in the process. We are appreciative of the time you took to get in touch with us and the attention you put into your application—you deserve to hear back from someone!

2.    Let’s Have a Chat

If asked to move forward, you’ll be invited to have a 20-minute conversation with someone on our Talent Team. It’s the perfect time for us to learn about each other. We’ll tell you about our company and the role. We’ll also ask a few questions about your background, interests and career aspirations, as well as give you the chance to ask us questions, too. Determining job suitability goes both ways, and this conversation is a great way to start.

3.    Meet Your Potential Colleagues

If you continue in the process, you’ll interview with the hiring manager and a few of your potential teammates. This will either be with a specific department or cross-functionally, depending on the role. We know your time is precious and we aim to have your meetings arranged with your schedule in mind. Carve out around 1.5 hours for these interviews. If they are back-to-back, we promise to offer breaks. Depending on the position you’ve applied for, you may be asked to participate in an executive interview as well.

4.     Our Core Values Influence Our Hiring
It’s important to know that we hire based on our values of Max Courage, Be Humble and Ubuntu. Read more about them below. Some of our interview discussions will weave in our values, and you may be asked to tell us how you can relate to them.

  • Max Courage — We encourage our team, our customers and their customers to dream big, try new ideas and take measured risks.

  • Be Humble — We promote a culture of humility, empathy and openness to learn from anyone, anywhere.

  • Ubuntu “I am because we are” — True success is being part of a purpose much bigger than any single individual or company. Doing what we love and caring about each other, we unlock a truly successful adventure together.

5.    You’ll Be Advised of the Final Decision

Providing a timely response, detailed information and transparency is just common courtesy. At this point, we’ll let you know whether or not you will be receiving an offer. If you are, you will receive a verbal offer, followed by a written offer soon after.

A lot of thought goes into your offer:

  • Salary—We do our homework. We look at the market and salary data, ensuring that it’s on point. Our goal is for you to accept the job with confidence and excitement.

  • Equity—We are a startup with a big vision! We want you to own a piece of what we are building. As part of your package, you’ll get information on our equity program and which options you’ll be awarded.

  • Benefits—Our goal is to make our benefits a differentiator. You get medical, dental and vision on day one. We give flexible vacation, a 401(k) match, remote work and wellness stipends, and ongoing learning opportunities, including a learning and development benefit to use on courses, workshops, resources and more to help you continue growing professionally. Plus, Hi Marley is a fun place to work with an inspiring culture!

6.    We Do Some Background Work

Reference checks can occur at different points in the interview process – it depends on the role, timing and the pool of candidates. After the offer is extended, we’ll ask to run a background check. We do this for all of our employees—standard hiring stuff.

7.    You’re Part of the Team!

If you accept the position, don’t be surprised to get some Hi Marley attention right away. You’ll start feeling like a team member before you start, with welcome messages, gifts, swag, home office equipment and perks. It’s an exciting time that’s filled with surprises!

8.     How Did We Do?

Built in Boston recently named Hi Marley to two lists in its 2023 Best Places to Work Awards: Best Startups to Work for in Boston and Best Places to Work in Boston. Our goal is to make sure our employees love working here. We want to attract the best and keep getting better.  A key to our success is to always improve, and the hiring process is no exception. Through a post-hiring survey, we want to hear what we did well and what we can do better, by sincerely requesting your candid feedback.

We strive to always deliver a positive, inclusive and lovable candidate experience. We invite you to look at our open roles and apply. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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