Stay Compliant with Florida's Property Insurance Reform Bill SB-2A

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Hi Marley Can Help with Florida’s Stricter Communication Requirements

With the passing of Senate Bill 2-A, Florida carriers are experiencing added pressure to acknowledge, resolve and pay new claims faster. To remain in compliance, carriers need powerful tools, especially after a hurricane or CAT event when claim volumes are much higher.  

Thankfully, Florida property insurers can reduce claims investigative times and avoid costly fines by taking advantage of Hi Marley’s suite of communication and collaboration features during hurricane season and beyond.

“We approached the aftermath of Hurricane Ida looking at what we could control and broke it up into manageable phases. The ability to communicate effectively, efficiently and not have redundancy was key. We just looked at every opportunity to use Hi Marley to get in front of the customer with valuable information—it was a helpful tool for us.”

Doug Sprous Vice President of Claims Plymouth Rock Assurance Continue

See the Hi Marley Impact

Example SB-2A Requirement
Hi Marley Solution Hi Marley icon
Insurers must demonstrate a response to claims communication within 7 days instead of 14.
Keep claims moving with texting. On average, Hi Marley adjusters respond within 5 minutes and customers
within 7 minutes.
Insurers are permitted to conduct electronic
claims investigations.
Unlimited media sharing, message templates and integrations with partners like Plnar aid with proper claims triage and faster investigations.
Insurers are required to pay or deny a claim within 60 days.
Hi Marley securely integrates with digital payment platforms like One Inc for streamlined claims payments through SMS.
Insurers are required to maintain claim records of all policyholder communications.
Hi Marley transcripts capture all conversation details including message timestamps and shared media.

Additional Hi Marley Features to Aid Florida Insurers:

  • Proactive outreach via SMS notifies policyholders of impending storm events and accelerates claim reporting.
  • Compliant translation in 19 languages, including Spanish, eases communication barriers.
  • Multi-Party Texting allows for collaboration with additional end-users on a claim.
  • AI-enabled alerts support adjusters when customers have a question, experience a process delay, express frustration or discuss litigation.
  • Supervisor insights draw attention to claims that are lagging or require more attention.

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