Deliver a Better Claims Experience by Anticipating Customers’ Needs

Analysis Reveals Claims Consumers’
Most Frequently Asked Questions

Poor claims experiences drive customers to switch insurance carriers. Carriers can
continuously improve customer satisfaction by leveraging existing conversational
data to anticipate customers’ needs.

To uncover trends and reveal the most frequently asked questions, who they involve
and how carriers can get ahead of these inquiries, we categorized a random sample
of 1,040 claims in Hi Marley’s database.

Read our white paper to learn more about these frequently asked questions and how
carriers can: improve the claims experience, boost efficiency, save time and more!

By providing information up-front through automation and standardization, carriers could proactively address 98% of
rental-specific inquiries, significantly reducing inbound questions.

Analysis Reveals Claims Consumers’ Most Frequently Asked Questions 

Explain the Process

Improve process effectiveness
with better process explanation and expectation setting.

Provide Regular Updates

Impact customer perception
of timeliness of service and resolution with regular
status updates.

Know Your Audience

Better understand your
audience to provide empathetic support and enhance adjuster attitude and approach.

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