Hi Marley’s Integration with Sapiens Workers’ Compensation CoreSuite

Together, Hi Marley and Sapiens enhance collaboration and information sharing between carrier employees and workers’ compensation claimants with AI-enabled SMS communication.

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Streamlining Workers’ Compensation Claims Communication

This cloud-based integration allows adjusters on the CoreSuite platform to:

  • Initiate single-click case creation from CoreSuite
  • Store opt-in status and mobile verification
  • View real-time Hi Marley messages in CoreSuite file notes grouped by case and date
  • Auto-assign adjusters to Hi Marley cases based on associated claim owners in Sapiens
  • Automate Hi Marley messages triggered by specific actions in CoreSuite
  • Upload PDF transcripts on synchronized claim closure
  • Auto-download customer media files

“With most people dealing with an accident on the job, it’s their first experience and they are scared, anxious and vulnerable. From the first point of contact through the entire claims process, we aim to ease that burden and instill confidence and trust; Hi Marley is helping us do that.”

Paul Buffone Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer LWCC Learn more

"We have found it to be very beneficial and efficient for communicating with injured workers. The teams’ nurse loves it, too! With text messaging, they can quickly provide updates, schedule appointments, answer questions and seamlessly communicate with injured workers and the employer to easily coordinate all aspects of the claim.”

Jon Perkins Claims Manager Merchants Learn more

“In our line of business, there is often a lot of back and forth between the adjuster and the worker who experienced an on-the-job injury. It’s a stressful situation, and the benefits are complex. Hi Marley helps us answer our customers’ questions faster and provides a much more efficient way to exchange documentation and photos. It’s an innovative solution that will have a lasting positive impact on our business.”

Dan Girlamo Vice President of Claims New Mexico Mutual Learn more

"If you think of things like workers comp and payments that need to be made on a weekly basis, instead of an adjuster going in every week and keying in that payment, we set up an automated process. We certainly see the benefits."

Jason Bidinger Claims Process Leader Westfield Insurance Learn more

“Hi Marley is built for insurance by teams who know the industry inside and out. This partnership allows joint customers to easily access Hi Marley within CoreSuite without investing in expensive and time-intensive integration projects.”

Amanda Ingram Alliances & Ecosystem Manager Sapiens

Hassle-free communication for injured workers. Our seamless integration modernizes the workers’ compensation claims experience.

A Glimpse Into Sapiens CoreSuite

Streamline processes and enable more productive insurance professionals. The real-time sync of case details, automated messages and single-click case actions enable users working directly in CoreSuite with increased workflow efficiencies and secure compliance measures.

Integration Benefits

Reduce Administrative Actions

Single-click Hi Marley case creation from CoreSuite and auto-assignment of adjusters to Hi Marley cases reduces repetitive work between systems.

Ensure Compliance and Transparency

Opt-in status and Hi Marley mobile verification are stored in CoreSuite as well as real-time messages, media files and PDF transcripts for complete case visibility.

Improve Workflow Efficiencies

Configurable, automated messages triggered by actions in CoreSuite streamline workflows and improve adjuster response times.

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