January 30, 2024

Meet the Winners of Hi Marley’s Inaugural Core Values Awards

From the beginning, Hi Marley’s founders, Mike Green, John Miller and Mitesh Suchak, wanted to build a company with a shared purpose and values. As part of their approach to building a unique, positive company culture, they answered the question “How do we behave?” which defined the company values — to be humble, to maximize courage and to live by Ubuntu.

  • Be Humble: We lead with appreciation and promote a culture of humility, compassion and openness to learn from anyone, anywhere.
  • Max Courage: We encourage our team, our customers, and their customers to dream big, try new ideas and maximize impact by taking calculated risks.
  • Ubuntu: True success is achieved by aligning our individual aims behind a shared purpose bigger than any single individual or company.

About the Core Values Awards

In January 2024, Hi Marley launched the Core Values Awards to recognize exceptional people who exhibit a growth mindset while demonstrating behaviors that stay true to the company’s core values. This initiative aligns with our goal to stay connected to our values and purpose as we scale.

Hi Marley colleagues nominated their peers for the awards, resulting in 46 nominations for 28 outstanding individuals across the three categories. As leadership dove into the nominations to determine the winners, the submissions inspired a special category – the Founder’s Award – recognizing someone who consistently embodies all three values.

While picking only a few people to highlight among such a talented group was challenging, we’re excited to recognize the first-ever winners of the inaugural Core Values Awards and celebrate their contributions to the company culture.

Core Values Award Winners

Max Courage: Nick Cook, Senior Product Manager

Nick hit the ground running when he joined Hi Marley in January 2022, tackling critical tasks with enthusiasm and skill. Nick has been instrumental in significant product discovery, development and launches—leading the charge, changing how we approach problems, asking the tough questions, and making an impact.

“What really sets Nick apart is how he balances this fearless professional attitude with his personal life,” said Mike Greene, CEO and Co-founder of Hi Marley. “He’s a family guy through and through. He’s proven to us all that you can be a rockstar at work and still keep your family first. That takes real max courage. He’s shown us what it means to tackle challenges head-on, to stay true to yourself, and to always remember what’s most important. You’ve inspired us to aim higher and be braver.”

Be Humble: Kayla Dowd, Team Lead, Customer Success

Hi Marley hired Kayla in August 2019 as its first Customer Success Manager. She set an extraordinary standard, always going above and beyond to support our earliest accounts. Kayla’s innovative approach and genuine care for our customers have helped build trust, strong relationships, and exceptional results. Kayla’s influence transcends customer work; she connects with colleagues and enriches our culture through Marley and Mee, driving charitable endeavors and bolstering wellness programs.

“Kayla has a truly magnetic effect on people,” said Mike. “She’s the powerhouse at the center of a dynamic flywheel: pilot programs don’t just complete, they succeed, accounts don’t just exist, they thrive, and opportunities don’t just appear, they multiply. And through it all, Kayla remains a humble force, pushing us forward without a pause for applause.”

Ubuntu: Bryan Ginsberg, Director, Growth

Bryan joined Hi Marley at the end of 2018, when sales was just a concept rather than a reality. Brick by brick, Bryan built the pipeline that is foundational to Hi Marley’s current success. From those early days to now, Bryan has been a cornerstone of our progress.

His commitment to growth—both our company’s and personal—is evident. Bryan has built not just a thriving company presence but also a loving family.

“Bryan is the first to offer help, the architect of team efforts to secure accounts, and always the first to shine the light on others’ contributions rather than his own,” said Mike. “He’s the kind of leader who understands victories are collective and makes sure they’re celebrated as such. In a world often chasing accolades, Bryan reminds us that our triumphs are shared.”

Founder’s Award: Dave Wingert, VP, Engineering

Dave’s courage is the kind that inspires. From coming on board in November 2018 as a trailblazer on our engineering team to leading one of our most significant groups, Dave has shown an extraordinary ability to adapt and excel. He faces challenges with expertise and grace.

His talent for unraveling complex problems with innovative thinking has made a profound impact on Hi Marley. Always calm under pressure, his creative solutions are not just a testament to his expertise but to the depth of his character and his careful consideration for his work. Dave is committed to the well-being of others, a living embodiment of our Ubuntu value.

But what truly sets Dave apart is how he harmonizes his professional excellence with his personal life. He reminds us all that our work is important, but it is one part of a fuller life that includes family, passions, and personal growth.

“Dave’s dedication and integrity are what we all strive for at Hi Marley,” said Mike. “He shows us that being a great leader isn’t just about work; it’s about making a difference in everything we do. He’s more than just a colleague to us; he’s a mentor and a shining example of our values.”

The winners each received a prestigious award, cash prize and equity grant.

“When we founded Hi Marley, we were passionate about creating a company that was both mission-driven and values-focused, but admittedly, we weren’t sure how to bring that vision to life,” said Mike. “That’s where Stefanie Bishop, our Chief People Officer, has been a game-changer. With her expertise, she translated our foundational ideas into tangible practices. She crafted value-aligned recruiting processes, shared weekly motivational stories, and brought a sense of fun with personalized Slack emojis. Stefanie’s initiative in introducing the Core Values Awards has been particularly impactful, seamlessly integrating our core principles into the heart of Hi Marley’s culture, something we knew was crucial but needed her guidance to realize.”

The Core Values Awards celebrate what makes Hi Marley special: the people. The company looks forward to continuing this tradition, celebrating those who help shape Hi Marley’s culture and strengthening our commitment to our core values far into the future.

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