Mitigate Risk and Confidently
Deploy Texting with the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud

Power Safe and Effective Digital Engagement Strategies

Carriers can count on Hi Marley to provide continuous support and investment toward a secure and compliant platform by delivering the language, workflows and technical capabilities necessary to communicate compliantly in the insurance industry.

Confidence Through a Secure Cloud and Integration Strategy

Hi Marley is a SOC 2 Type 2 compliant cloud platform with authentication controls such as fine-grained roles and permissions and SSO credentialing. Hi Marley offers user and group management, and with extensive configuration and release controls, feature enablement is safely and successfully managed for all customers.

The Hi Marley platform securely integrates with insurance systems of record and ecosystem partners and offers static IP addresses for allow-listing, mutual transport layer security (mTLS) and API keys for authentication.

A Trusted Partner:

Hi Marley prioritizes security and data protection.

Designed with SMS Compliance in Mind

Legal and compliance teams can rest assured knowing Hi Marley strictly adheres to insurance texting protocols by providing:

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Assistance

    Hi Marley blocks SMS communication with an end user until they have appropriately consented to sending and receiving text messages.

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  • Expert Opt-In, Opt-Out Management

    Hi Marley captures double opt-in and opt-out for all end users who text into the platform.

  • Pre-Built, Compliant Language for Insurance Workflows

    This includes templated welcome text message flows that require consent to Hi Marley’s privacy policy and terms of use.

Welcome messages request opt-in prior to texting to ensure compliance.

Unmatched Throughput

The Trusted Contact in Your Pocket

With a focus on deliverability and performance, we make sure your conversations are always flowing. Hi Marley provides wireless carrier number registration, recipient number lookup, message retry, monitoring and alerts, plus an advanced messaging infrastructure to maximize message delivery.

Built for P&C Insurance

Redaction automatically protects PII sent in conversations.

As a purpose-built platform, Hi Marley offers insurance-specific security and compliance features including:

Compliant Transcripts
Case Visibility
Case Audit Log

“I look at the reduced cost as reduced compliance risk. By automating the transcript process, we’ve eliminated the risk of lingering text conversations outside of our file.”

Jason Bidinger Claims Strategy Technology and Process Leader Westfield Insurance