Does Timeliness of First Contact Impact the Customer Experience?

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Why Carriers Should Care About Time to First Contact

In this white paper, Metrics that Matter: Unlocking the Value in “Time to First Contact,” we reveal if TTFC can accurately predict how an adjuster will handle a claim throughout its lifecycle and how TTFC can significantly impact customer satisfaction, cycle times, cost savings and more.

Learn why efficient communications and responsiveness, including time to first contact significantly impacts the efficiency of the claims process and customer experience.

The top adjusters resolved claims 10% faster than the lowest-performing adjusters, resulting in 3 days of reduced cycle time.

Unlocking the Value in Time to First Contact

81% of Consumers Feel Loyal to Brands That Are There When They Need Them

Customers want service providers to respond instantaneously, and they can accomplish that using technology like Hi Marley.

4.9/5 Average Customer Satisfaction Score on Surveys That Mention Response Time

Responsiveness correlates directly with a positive customer experience.

Top Performing Adjusters Respond to 80% of Their Cases in Less Than 3.5 Hours

TTFC can predict how an adjuster will handle a claim throughout its lifecycle.

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