April 01, 2022

Text Messaging Creates a Stress-Free Claims Experience

April is Stress Awareness Month. According to the American Psychology Association, work is the number one cause of stress in the U.S. Furthermore, a study by Robert Half and Happiness Works found that the number two most stressful industry to work in is insurance.

Insurance is the #2 Most Stressful Industry in the U.S.

“Thinking back to my days as an adjuster, I recall the ever-present stress associated with trying to meet and exceed claims consumer expectations, while, at the same time, trying to deliver timely, high-quality claim outcomes for my employer,” said Mark Snyder, Claims SME at Hi Marley.

Snyder remembers daily frustration generated by playing phone tag with insureds and claimants as they tried to get their claims resolved. “At times, I felt discouraged and helpless as I left my cubicle in the evening, knowing that while I had done all I could within the limitations of existing processes and technology, it still wasn’t enough.”

Providing tools like the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud makes the claims process more manageable and less stressful for adjusters and creates more lovable experiences for policyholders.

“Texting eliminates phone tag, allowing us to connect with our customers faster,” said Jay Lannin, SVP, Property Claims and Field Operations and Real Estate and Operational Services, at Auto-Owners.” It’s a simple use case, but the value cannot be overstated.”

Better Communication, Text Messaging Turns Stressful Situations into Lovable Experiences 

Many policyholders’ first and only interaction with their carrier is when they make a claim—an often-stressful experience—making this first interaction critical for customer satisfaction.

Hi Marley recently analyzed 25,000 claims customer satisfaction surveys from more than 50 P&C carrier customers to identify the biggest drivers of 1 and 5-star claims experiences. The study found that poor communication was the top driver for 1-star reviews, demonstrating the importance of effective communication in claims and the desire to stay informed.

“When a policyholder submits a claim, it means they are managing a challenging situation,” stated David DeLuca, Vermont Mutual’s Vice President of Claims. “For many people, having the option of two-way, texting communication removes the stress that can be associated with back-and-forth phone calls and trying to reach someone live.”

Transforming Stressful Situations into Lovable Experiences with Hi Marley

For policyholders, filing a claim doesn’t have to cause stress! Here are some real policyholders’ survey responses about how Hi Marley’s carrier partners turned a stressful situation into a lovable experience:

  • “From setting up the rental to the communication between myself and the body shop. Couldn’t ask for better care. The whole experience was great! It made things on my end so easy and less stressful.”
  • “You made this process very easy and completely removed the stress from the situation. Thanks again.”
  • “My claim was handled quickly and kept in contact with me the entire time. I had a stressful situation with damage in my home, and they relieved that stress with their compassionate professionalism. Extremely satisfied.”
  • “Made this stressful time easier for me by essentially doing all the work!”
  • “Well, after experiencing an automobile accident, you’re not only in a traumatic state from the accident, but also the thought of what this means with your insurance. You definitely made this as stress-free of a process as possible… and for that, I thank you! It had been a pleasure working with you.”
  • “Making the process simple. [My rep] was always available and very transparent…I feel that you were fair in the process. Texting was very smooth, easy to use and efficient. Alleviated so much stress and tension in a notoriously tense/stressful time during an otherwise terrible year.” 
  • “The process was well-coordinated, and the adjuster was helpful and easy to contact with questions and made the process very easy- thanks for turning a stressful situation into a good experience.”
  • “My claim was processed super-fast, they fixed my car excellently, and were able to reimburse us for new car seats as well. It was super easy and made it a lot less stressful!” 
  • “From filing the claim, approving the claim, rental car, payment to the body shop…it was all stress-free and done promptly! I don’t use our insurance often, but this was a great reminder of why we use Westfield for our insurance needs!”

With Hi Marley, policyholders don’t need to worry about downloading another app during an already stressful time; they can communicate with the insurance carrier in their pocket at any time via text to stay informed throughout the claims process.

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