What Can Carriers Do to Turn 4-Star Claims Experiences Into 5-Star Experiences?

Analysis Reveals What Moves the Needle in Customer Satisfaction 

In today’s competitive market, a 4-star claims experience is not good enough to retain policyholders. Carriers must understand where the experience missed the mark and what they can do in the future to turn 4-star experiences into 5-star experiences.

We analyzed thousands of 4-star claims survey responses in Hi Marley’s database to identify claims with comments that specifically referenced issues or aspects of the claim that, if handled differently, would have resulted in a 5-star rating.

This ebook explores the results of this study, including clear trends and what carriers can do to address these issues.  

We analyzed thousands of 4-star customer satisfaction survey responses in Hi Marley’s database and uncovered 1,300 opportunities for improvement.

Opportunity Areas to Improve the Claims Experience

Adjuster Attitude & Approach

Hire, train and retain adjusters who demonstrate empathy and strive to make the claims process as stress-free as possible.

Responsiveness & Availability

Prioritize communication and responsiveness by implementing tools like texting that streamline the claims process.

Process Explanation & Expectation Setting

Ensure the customer understands the claims process and has clear expectations from the beginning of the claim.

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