March 26, 2024

New Research Uncovers the Most Commonly Asked Questions in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Report Reveals Key Trends and How Carriers Can Improve the Workers’ Compensation Process

Boston, MA – March 26, 2024 – Hi Marley, creators of the only intelligent conversational platform built for the P&C insurance industry, today unveiled research that explores trends among injured workers’ most frequently asked questions during the workers’ compensation claims process.

Nobody anticipates getting injured at work. When accidents happen, many questions arise. Carriers must promptly address inquiries to minimize uncertainties and mitigate the risk of disgruntled claimants. That’s why Hi Marley aimed to uncover the most frequently asked questions in workers’ compensation claims and how carriers can anticipate these inquiries to improve outcomes, streamline the process, and provide much-needed support to injured workers on their recovery journey.

Hi Marley analyzed more than 1,000 anonymized conversations from the workers’ compensation carrier customers within its platform, categorizing a relevant sample of inbound questions by the root cause of what drove the customer inquiry.

The research found that the root cause driving inquiries fell into six main categories:

  • Payment – Twenty-six percent of inquiries resulted from an unclear understanding of wage payment status and/or payment amount.
  • Contact – In 24 percent of inquiries, the customer required an acknowledgment, information on how to contact the adjuster, or request for outreach.
  • Providers – Twenty-two percent of questions related to providers, specifically scheduling and approval activities.
  • Process Explanation – An unclear understanding of the workers’ compensation and next steps drove 14 percent of all inquiries.
  • Benefits – Nine percent of inquiries related to settlement status, medical benefits status or the need for mileage, parking, and transportation reimbursement.
  • Documentation – The customer requested records or bills for themselves or other parties in 5 percent of inquiries.

Communication is a common pain point in workers’ compensation claims. Because workers’ compensation is complex, the research indicates that there needs to be more clarity around the claims process and what to expect if a worker suffers an injury.

For example, among the inquiries asking about process explanation, two out of every five pertained to clarifying the claim process, checking the claim status or verifying the claim number. If carriers can proactively explain the entire workers’ compensation process up front, including what is compensable, what steps they need to take and how the insured worker will be reimbursed, they will answer many of these questions before they arise.

The carrier can also create automated messages around claim status to be proactively sent at strategic points throughout the claim, such as approval for additional therapy or by hitting a milestone in recovery.

“As the severity and cost of workers’ compensation claims continues to rise, carriers need ways to increase efficiencies,” said Mark Snyder, Principal Consultant at Hi Marley. “Our research found that with proactive outreach, automation and standardization of communication, carriers can answer the majority of injured workers’ frequently asked questions before they are even asked. Anticipating these questions enables carriers to manage expectations, provide peace of mind, show empathy and support faster recovery.”

To read the full findings, please download the report: Combining Automation and Empathy: How Carriers Can Tackle the Most Frequently Asked Questions in Workers’ Compensation Claims.

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