Our platform is an artificially intelligent-enabled SMS texting platform that bridges the conversation between insureds and the entire insurance ecosystem. We have created a platform that is focused on delighting the end user through a seamless and modern customer insurance experience. Our messaging solution streamlines communication around claims, underwriting and policyholder service interactions while simultaneously connecting everyone who touches that insurance experience into a singlular, real-time conversation.









What makes us different is that we are from the insurance industry, for the insurance industry. 100% of our product development is designed to meet insurance-specific situations and needs. Giving companies access to tools like real-time transcript exports- when you need them, AI insurance assistants to help with FNOL and text-to-quote, core API system integrations to solutions like Guidewire and Duck Creek, insurance-specific analytics dashboards, and more! We work alongside insurance carriers to optimize and simplify a customer insurance experience for the carriers, brokers, and agents. By uniting all the siloed entities that fall within a typical customer experience, we drive better outcomes for customers, insurers and their partners. We are making insurance lovable by changing the conversation.

For the carriers, we are increasing customer retention and lifetime value while reducing costs and cycle time. Our platform can integrate with carrier core systems and partner solutions through its flexible APIs or can be deployed with zero integration in a day. For the end user, it appears as a simple text conversation between a group of people.

When customers are going through life’s tough times, we are creating a more simple and efficient process for them and their carriers.