November 20, 2022

How Hi Marley’s Translation Feature Breaks Down Communication Barriers, Saving Time and Money

At its core, insurance is a people-oriented, people-focused business that helps in a time of need. But what happens when a claimant can’t communicate with a carrier? With nearly 22 percent of the US (66 billion+ people) speaking a language other than English at home, language barriers can create massive communication challenges for insurers.

Enabling real-time translation in 19 languages, the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud’s language translation feature breaks down barriers by allowing reps and customers to communicate in their preferred language.

Languages Available:

  • Arabic
  • Haitian Creole
  • Portuguese
  • Tagalog
  • Bosnian
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Thai
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Urdu
  • French
  • Korean
  • Somali
  • Vietnamese
  • German
  • Polish
  • Spanish

“We place tremendous value on providing the best possible service to our diverse customer base,” said Jessica McGregor, Director of Customer Experience at AF Group. “Hi Marley’s translation feature helps break down barriers by allowing us to have conversations in the customer’s preferred language. This not only makes for more positive and thoughtful interactions, but also saves on costs and time associated with third-party translation services.”

The Hi Marley Insurance Cloud’s translation feature allows all parties to communicate in their preferred language, saving carriers money, time, and resources while creating better customer experiences.

Translation Increases Efficiencies, Resolves Claims Faster

Our recent study of 25,000 customer satisfaction surveys revealed that timeliness of overall service, including fast response and prompt resolution, is the second biggest driver of 5-star satisfaction ratings. Hi Marley’s translation feature helps carriers seamlessly communicate with policyholders across languages, increasing efficiencies and resolving claims faster.

“I love the translation feature; I’ve used that quite a bit,” said Monica Graham, Casualty Adjuster at AFR. “It’s super helpful. Before Hi Marley, I would either need to tag in a colleague for translation if she had time, hope there was a family member available on the claimant’s side that could help or use a third-party translation service. Hi Marley makes it so much easier to communicate and resolve issues.”

Hi Marley translates messages as they are sent and received, so adjusters can communicate directly with the claimant, keeping the conversation going.

“In the past, we’ve had issues with talking with our customers where English wasn’t their primary language,” said Jon Perkins, Claims Manager at Merchants. “Hi Marley’s translation feature is a huge help to our reps and a valuable addition to our offerings. Now we can provide seamless customer service without interruption.”

Carriers can leverage Hi Marley’s translation feature to improve responsiveness and streamline the claims process, ultimately driving customer satisfaction.

Translation Saves Money 

In claims, inefficient communication can lead to additional costs that add up quickly. Hi Marley’s translation feature saves money by speeding up the claims process and eliminating the expense of adding third-party translators.

New Mexico Mutual, for example, insures one-third of the workers’ compensation market in a state where almost 30 percent of the population speaks Spanish as their primary language at home; however, the carrier has faced challenges finding adjusters fluent in the language. Before Hi Marley, only four people on the claims floor could serve as part-time translators. New Mexico Mutual was often forced to use a third-party translation service, which created additional steps, delayed the claim process and added another expense.

Today, almost 50 percent of New Mexico Mutual’s cases in Hi Marley use translation.

“We use Hi Marley’s translation feature all the time; it made a huge difference for our adjusters,” said Dan Girlamo, VP of Claims at New Mexico Mutual. “It’s easy to use and has created significant time savings. Now, we don’t need to locate a translator for every question; we can quickly provide answers and better serve our injured workers.”

An adjuster serves as the customer’s trusted contact in this time of need. Improving communication using translation ensures that all customers will receive excellent service and support, no matter their native language.

Translation Improves Customer Service 

Claims can be scary. Most people don’t know what to expect; a good claims experience requires empathetic support, expectation setting and clear communication.

We recently explored all 4-star Hi Marley claims survey responses to identify trends among comments that specifically referenced aspects of the claim that, if handled differently, would have resulted in a 5-star rating. With 34 percent of customers citing confusion around the claims process as their primary reason for a 4-star review, process explanation and expectation setting present the biggest opportunity for improvement.

Hi Marley’s translation feature lets all parties write and see the conversation in their primary language, ensuring critical information and details are communicated clearly.

“Translation is one of my favorite features of Hi Marley’s platform. It allows our representatives to easily communicate with customers without adding delays and cost. This feature helps us strengthen our relationships and serve as a trusted partner for our customers,” said Debbie Willis, Claims Manager at NLC.

MPIUA, one of the largest writers of home insurance in Massachusetts, works with insureds in some cities where more than 30 percent of residents speak a primary language other than English. “Hi Marley opens a means of communication that wasn’t possible before. The translation feature makes our customers comfortable and offers a nice, easy way to communicate in their preferred language,” said Denis McSweeney, Claims Adjuster at MPIUA.

By leveraging the translation feature to ensure the customer understands the claims process and has clear expectations from the beginning, carriers can reduce frustration and create better customer experiences.

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