September 04, 2019

Hi Marley In Action: From 40 to 4 Hours

The claims process can often be too long. But Hi Marley knows how to deliver a fast, simple and loveable customer experience to insureds. This case example shows the magic touch of Hi Marley in delivering genuine human connection and a seamless claims process.

On May 13, Susana Reyes gets into a car accident on her way to work. Susana works for a cosmetic company selling products to various stores and organizations. Now she’s in distress over her car, she has a pain in her neck, and she’s late for work. But she knows that the faster her claims process begins the faster she’ll get her car fixed.

Susana calls Insurance X and speaks with Steve, a claims representative. “Hi, my name is Susana Reyes. I’d like to report a claim. I was in a car accident.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m happy to help you take care of this.”

As they start going through the routine steps to open a claim, Steve pauses the conversation: “Ms. Reyes, this may take a while over the phone. Would you like to text?”

“Sure, that sounds great.”

Susana sends a text to the Hi Marley number and receives a message asking if she agrees to the terms of texting with Insurance X. This is the standard TCPA compliance that Hi Marley, through its AI enablement, takes care of before texting with a customer. With Hi Marley’s Auto-Translate function, Susana can receive and send messages in her primary language, Spanish. Meanwhile Steve sends and receives messages in English. Now, Susana and Steve are free to focus on the accident without any communication barriers.

Everything is handled over text right then and there. Susana sends pictures of the car damage at the site of the accident. Using Side Chat, Steve brings a car repair shop into the conversation and delivers the quote to fix any damages. Steve has a towing company in the loop too, making sure Susana’s car is brought to the auto body shop. Because Susana drives for her job, she needs a car pronto, so a rental car company is brought in. All of these separate entities are now working together with Steve easily and quickly to get Susana back to her life.

With a car on the way and the damage assessment complete, Steve has the time to check in on Susana again.


At this point the initial adrenaline has calmed down. Susana responds that, now that you mention it, she has some pain around her neck. Steve comforts Susana with reassurance that he’s there to help. Knowing that this accident happened during work hours, Steve decides it’s safe to bring in a nurse case manager into the process and adds her to the conversation with Susana. Within minutes, Susana has a minor neck injury diagnosis and a course of action to get better.

The process of submitting the claim through a text message works out nicely for Susana. As Steve is texting questions, she is able to stay in touch with her employer, clients and family. Her day is disrupted for just a few hours, and the claim is closed.

Susana has been cared for and protected by her insurance company. She thanks Steve for his help and goes back to her day.

At the end of the conversation, Susana receives a survey message following up on her experience. Since texting Steve was convenient and fast, she decides to fill out the survey.


Back at Insurance X, after Steve says goodbye to Susana, he exports the conversation transcript to the core claims system used at Insurance X and moves to his next customer.

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