November 10, 2021 | Shari McGrath, Vice President, Customer Success

Hi Marley Celebrates 1 Million Users and Our Customers Who Made It Happen!

One million policyholders across North America have now used the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud communications platform to communicate with their carriers! We’re proud of this news, but we didn’t get here alone! Our customers helped drive adoption with innovative ideas. We partner with carriers who share our mission of transforming the industry and making insurance more lovable. We want you to join us in celebrating this milestone!

Driving adoption by helping us help you.

From pilot through implementation and beyond, our Customer Success team makes the difference. We focus on coaching our customers toward success and ensuring they get the greatest ROI and see a true business impact from Hi Marley.

We know optimization naturally leads to growth, so we focus on continuous improvement, looking at benchmarks, tracking value metrics, performance and scheduling regular check-ins to discuss new ways to drive adoption.

Our Customer Success Managers build tailored optimization plans based on each customer’s specific needs. They look at what will make the biggest impact to help the customer achieve their goals, whether it’s reducing cycle time, saving money, improving customer satisfaction or something else!

Driving adoption with leadership buy-in.

To achieve one million users, our customers needed to use the platform! Working closely to help our customers maximize benefits, Hi Marley’s Customer Success team has learned about some of the innovative and creative tactics our customers used to increase adoption!

Two of our customers in particular, Electric Insurance and Vermont Mutual, have both high opt-in rates and engaged case rates (a new metric we’re tracking). This means they have a high percentage of cases where the adjuster immediately started a text conversation once the customer responded “yes” to the opt-in text. What’s their secret? The magic with both carriers is their engaged leadership and supervisor teams who know how Hi Marley can help achieve their organizations’ goals. It’s that simple and makes a huge difference. When leadership sees the value in the simplified communication and can explain why their organization should use it, more reps make it part of their everyday processes.

Ohio Mutual is another example of the power of leadership buy-in. Senior management believed in the value of texting and knew that Hi Marley would cut down on the adjusters’ busy work. Leadership encouraged adjusters to see for themselves. They set a target for the adjusters to have at least 30 percent of cases in Hi Marley on a regular, ongoing basis. With that goal set and a little encouragement, the number of cases processed in Hi Marley made a significant jump. Adjusters immediately experienced increased efficiencies and began to handle as many claims as possible on the platform. The result? Delighted policyholders and improved customer satisfaction scores. Happier customers meant happier adjusters. A win-win for everyone!

Driving adoption with peer collaboration.

When carriers start using Hi Marley, the most dynamic and successful customers are often collaborative teams who share stories of their experiences using the tool, issues they’ve encountered, frustrating situations, positive interactions and problems they’ve solved. Working together to create best practices enables these customers to get the most out of the platform and provide the best claims experience when their policyholders need them most.

Driving adoption with friendly competition.

Sometimes all it takes is a little friendly competition to increase adoption. One of the most creative adoption strategies came from Plymouth RockThey hosted the Hi Marley Olympics to coincide with the 2021 Tokyo Olympics last summer. The company awarded gold, silver and bronze prizes in a series of events: customer quote of the week, most five stars, utilization rate, most re-assignments, most surveys sent, highest engagement and top team. The two weeks of competition helped drive adoption and show how powerful Hi Marley is for their organization, resulting in an improved customer experience, more accurate decisions and increased efficiency.

Driving adoption by being forward-thinking.

Built by people who know and love insurance, Hi Marley reduces cycle time by three days, on average. That means, if each policyholder had just one claim, that’s 3,000,000 days’ worth of time saved from streamlining the claims process so far. And we’re just getting started. As more users adopt our platform, they see its value and how it empowers leadership, saves time, reduces stress and makes policyholders feel good!

Thank you for seeing and extolling the value in Hi Marley! Thank you for believing in our team and working hand in hand to help us create the lovable moments for 1,000,000 users and beyond!

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