February 25, 2022

ACG Celebrates Top Adjusters Driving Adoption of Innovative Tools

The claims adjusters’ role extends far beyond processing a claim; it’s about creating an exceptional customer experience and being a trusted contact in a time of need. Working together, Hi Marley partners with innovative carriers who are raising the bar in policyholder experience and creating loveable interactions along the way.

One of these carriers is The Auto Club Group (ACG), the second-largest AAA club in North America. ACG continues to explore new tools and technologies that empower its employees and support its mission “to help AAA members enjoy life’s journey with peace of mind by providing innovative solutions, advocacy and membership benefits wherever and whenever they need them.”

Innovations Improve Policyholder Experience and Business Outcomes

ACG is among the Top 10 JD Power Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Award winners. The study found that improved policyholder experience was the difference maker between the best and the rest. Knowing that policyholders want greater choice and flexibility when interacting with their insurance provider, ACG implemented electronic fund transfers (EFTs) and texting through the Hi Marley Insurance Cloud last year.

To measure EFTs and text messaging’s impact on key performance indicators, such as NPS and cycle time, ACG’s Claim Strategy and Innovation team has created optimization dashboards. Lori Pon, Director of Claim Strategy and Innovation at ACG, said the team was excited about the Hi Marley adoption dashboard, in particular. “As of October 2021, NPS is 319 basis points higher on claims where ACG texts with the policyholder versus claims where they do not use text. Claim cycle times are also a half-day faster when using Hi Marley.”

ACG knows that adoption is critical for driving these business outcomes. To celebrate the early adopters who embraced Hi Marley to communicate with their members and make these metrics happen, ACG rolled out a 100/100 Club competition. Modeled after Major League Baseball’s 40/40 Club that highlights batters who hit 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a single season, ACG’s 100/100 Club celebrates the first 100 adjusters to get 100 virtual payments and 100 cases into Hi Marley.

In a company-wide email, ACG announced the top ten adjusters who achieved the 100/100 goal fastest. Noting that these club members, “have what it takes to be a leader in delivering the kind of service to our members that makes #claimsnation proud, but that you would also want for yourself or your loved one.” The announcement also featured a video that included the adjusters’ tips for getting the most out of the tool.

How the Top Claims Representatives Provide Exceptional Customer Service

ACG delivers an exceptional claims experience by empowering its claimants to connect with adjusters when they are free and communicate via text if it’s inconvenient to speak on the phone.

One adjuster from the auto total loss unit explained that when she is assigned to a claim and gathers all of the pertinent information she needs, she always sends out the welcome text message and creates the claim before anything else. “Hi Marley is an excellent alternative way to communicate with customers, especially since most of us are currently working remotely,” she said.

Instead of playing phone tag, the claimant responds to the questions as they are available, increasing the speed-to-resolution.

Less Manual Work Means More Focus on the Customer Experience

With the burden of manual tasks lifted, ACG’s adjusters can spend more time delivering exceptional customer service during the claims process. Standard tasks like sharing accurate contact information with policyholders are much easier than before.

Another Top 10 Adjuster said, “When I initially contact the insured, I offer Hi Marley texting as a way to receive my contact information, without having to write anything down—it’s all on their phone.”

Creating templates for high frequency, standard communications saves time, simplifies adjuster workflow and improves the policyholder experience.

Adjusters Can Provide Quick Updates and Faster Response Times

“There are huge positives in using Hi Marley. One of the best features is to use it for your weekly follow-up. It takes seconds to text them and provide an update,” said a member of the 100/100 Club.

ACG Adjusters can provide quick updates via text, no matter what time of day, without needing to schedule a call or meeting with the claimant.

With text messaging, insurers can also quickly and easily get in touch with ACG’s claim representatives, even if they’re on the road or in the field, allowing adjusters to gather the information they need quickly to keep the claim moving.

“Even if they didn’t hear a voicemail or read an email, most people are notified if they receive a new text message, and that’s something that they usually can respond to or see instantaneously,” said one of the claims representatives who uses Hi Marley.

Building on the Momentum

An ACG Claims Rep in the 100/100 Club encouraged his colleagues to reimagine EFT and Hi Marley, “like a rhythm and a rhyme.” He said, “For me, EFT has a rhythm. Rapid payments leave a powerful and lasting impression on our members Hi Marley is more like a rhyme; it says to me: timely texts save time by keeping me off my line.”

Another claims representative also offered advice, “change can sometimes be difficult. But once you adapt and embrace change as a positive, I think you will find it’s a good thing to use Hi Marley!”

ACG continues to build on this momentum and highlights its innovation efforts during its quarterly #ClaimsNation virtual town halls.

“Thanks for your partnership in helping us make the claim experience lovable!” said Pon. “We look forward to continuing to improve adoption and delivering a truly frictionless experience.”

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