June 08, 2022

Hi Marley Introduces Coaching Capabilities that Empower Employees with AI-Driven Alerts and Tailored Performance Insights

New Capabilities Improve Response Times by 20 Percent, Accelerating Efficiency and Creating Lovable Customer Experiences

Boston, MA – June 8, 2022 – Hi Marley, creators of the only digital collaboration platform built for the P&C insurance industry, today announced Coaching, offering carriers actionable insights and AI-enabled message intelligence to drive their business forward.

The Hi Marley Insurance Cloud streamlines collaboration and communications for the insurance ecosystem, automatically capturing SMS conversations, documents and important media into a single claim file to ensure all information is secure and up to date. The data captured in texting conversations provides valuable insight into the customer experience, employees’ approach and overall team performance.

With the Great Resignation and an increasing number of veteran insurance professionals approaching retirement age, carriers are experiencing unprecedented employee turnover rates. Insurance providers need tools that help employees manage their workloads, strengthen their skills and improve productivity and efficiency. With Coaching, Hi Marley amplifies the voice of the customer while guiding next steps for supervisors and on-the-job development for all employees with real-time, tailored insights. Hi Marley built insurance-specific models and thoughtfully integrated the data, learnings and model outputs into the App UI to help carriers deliver lovable experiences.

“We’re excited to tap into the value of conversational data in the Hi Marley platform to help insurance professionals be more effective when demand for their time has never been greater,” said Mike Greene, CEO of Hi Marley. “With Coaching capabilities now in play, our customers can benefit from highly-customized insights and best practices to help individuals and teams continually improve, deliver more five-star experiences and ultimately make insurance more lovable.”

In their chat queue, employees receive AI-driven, real-time “needs attention” notifications for at-risk conversations. The underlying models identify and flag areas of concern, including litigation risk, negative sentiment and delays. By embedding intelligent alerting capabilities into conversational workflows, carriers have already experienced significant results. Beta users across claims-specific use cases improved adjuster response times by at least 20 percent, ultimately resolving claims faster and improving customer satisfaction.

Coaching benefits include:

  • Employee Productivity – Employees experience a personalized My Insights dashboard, highlighting important tasks and positive customer feedback.
  • Embedded AI and Analytics – Coaching capabilities fit intuitively into claims, service and underwriting workflows, enhancing training, reducing ramp-up times and encouraging optimal decision making.
  • Organizational-level Data – The My Org Insights dashboard captures organizational-level data in one place, including industry analytics, team performance, conversational insights and real-time sentiment analysis to help leaders drive better outcomes across teams and locations.
  • Actionable Supervisor Insights – With the My Team Insights dashboard, supervisors and managers can access team metrics and conversational sentiment to identify areas for performance improvements, provide targeted team support and recognize and celebrate great work.
  • Amplified Voice of the Customer – By prioritizing employee actions, customers enjoy proactive intervention that de-escalates frustration in a supportive, empathetic manner.

“Coaching delivers insights through embedded analytics that allow carriers to learn from past events and apply best practices going forward. In addition, our real-time message intelligence engine brings attention to conversations where a response should be prioritized, fostering proactive workflows,” said Jackie Booth, VP, Product at Hi Marley, who leads the development of the platform’s Coaching and conversational intelligence features. “Coaching empowers employees to be more effective and focus on where they can add the most value—delivering empathetic and sincere communications to assure customers that they are being heard and listened to.”

Learn more about how your insurance organization can access the power of Coaching here.


About Hi Marley

Hi Marley is the intelligent communication platform for the insurance industry. Built by people who know and love insurance, the platform enables hassle-free texting across the entire ecosystem, empowering insurance professionals and delighting policyholders. Hi Marley’s industry leading analytics deliver novel insights that fuel continuous improvement. The solution is built for the enterprise – fast to deploy, easy to use and seamlessly integrates with other core systems. Hi Marley is empowering the world’s leading insurance carriers to reinvent the customer and employee experience. Learn more at www.himarley.com.

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