August 13, 2020

Ohio Mutual Insurance Group Shares How Customer Demand for Innovative Communication Sparked Change within the Organization

The Future of Insurance: From Disruption to Evolution, written by insurance industry veteran and advisor, Bryan Falchuk, features first-hand stories from seven carriers who were able to innovate and evolve despite common industry pressures and constraints.

Among the carriers is Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, who shared their journey to meet constant customer requests for texting, particularly during the claims process. Traditional communication tools like email and telephone were interfering with their ability to keep claims moving forward and ensuring customers knew the status of their claims.

Ohio Mutual tried several solutions over the years, from sharing mobile phones across the team, using email-to-text options and sourcing technologies from third parties. In every case, the solutions fell flat for both the team and their customers. Rather than settling for “good enough” they refined their requirements and scanned the market, where they discovered Hi Marley. A cross-functional team engaged with Hi Marley and ran a pilot.

Ohio Mutual adopted the tool quickly given its ease-of-use and ability to meet their needs. Claim handlers found themselves on the phone less, freeing up time to move claims forward. Customers appreciated the ease of texting during critical moments in their lives – and there is data to back it up.

  • 100 fewer calls per person per month when using Hi Marley
  • Customers rated their claim experience a 4.9 out of 5 stars, with 93 percent giving 5-stars

The shared customer and employee benefit fits CEO Mark Russell’s focus on aligning goals:

“To me, it’s all about alignment. If you get the culture in place, and then you align the goals and incentives – all of us are incentivized by our policyholder NPS since, as a mutual, our focus is on our policyholders – all our goals are aligned across all associates.”

Andrea Presler, Ohio Mutual’s Auto Material Damage and Subrogation Leader, talked about alignment and working with partners who truly understand insurance, given the industry’s nuances and unique challenges.

“A big part of our decision was that the team at Hi Marley understands claims and the insurance business, whereas others just didn’t get it.”

The case is a strong example of the need to preserve and respond to customer needs. Any carrier — large, small, public, mutual, regional, national or international – can innovate and evolve meaningfully and impactfully.

To read more of Bryan’s case studies, find his book in paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as all major digital formats, including Kindle, Apple Books, Audible and Nook. Get your copy or learn more:



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