Leverage instant downloads, push transcripts to an SFTP location or email

Event Based Triggers


Perform actions in response to events within Hi Marley

2-Way Data Synchronization


Posts to Hi Marley whenever a claim changes to keep data in sync



Change the adjuster communicating with automated, real-time insured notifications


Real-Time Claim Status Updates


Closed or reopened, AI messages will reflect updated status messages to the customer

Create New Hi Marley Operators


Produce directly from your backend

Send Survey


Automatically initiate surveys


Unlock Different Options


Marley API

This set includes the bulk of the functionality to integrate with a multitude of claims systems.  It contains all the endpoints to open and interact with cases, download transcripts, get user info, opt users out, verify phone numbers, etc.  Click below to request access to a full list and detailed descriptions of each endpoint, including expected request and response objects as well as workflow invoked.


API Administration

Contains a set of endpoints to configure a carrier specific SFTP site as a destination for Hi Marley case transcripts.  Using these endpoints carriers can upload and manage a public SSH key that can be used to access their SFTP in the Hi Marley system.


Webhook Configuration

Our webhook configuration is made up of a set of APIs that can be used to subscribe to “events” within the Hi Marley system.  Using webhooks, carriers can configure Hi Marley so that when certain events occur in our platform, notifications can be sent to your APIs or other actions can be taken. Some examples of subscriptions used by carriers today include posting customer data to your API upon customer opt in/out as well as emailing or pushing transcripts to an SFTP on case closure or a schedule. Adding events and actions in Hi Marley built to be simple, allowing us to make customized integrations as needed, matching each carriers preferred workflow.