Simple, Lovable Communication

A purpose-built SMS platform for the insurance industry to deliver simple, lovable protection by enhancing the way carriers and policyholders communicate.

Why Hi Marley

We understand that insurance economics are a little different from other industries. Hi Marley creates solutions that help you achieve success across the three most important dimensions that drive those economics.

4.8/5 Average Rating
per Claim

Customers are Wowed

Communication policyholders want. A continuous stream of timely communication builds trust and loyalty to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

35% Reduction in Calls
and Voicemails

Claims Reps are Happy and Engaged

Make claims adjusters jobs easier to build better policyholder relationships. Eliminate phone tag and increase job satisfaction to drive claim resolutions.

3 Days Reduction in Cycle Time

Carriers See Financial Results

Streamlined communication offers faster time to resolution, improved productivity and reduced claims leakage. Improve outcomes with advanced and sentiment analytics.

Customer Stories

Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group

“Our adjusters have had really high adoption since day one. They continue to tell us they don’t want it ever to be taken away and just how much easier it is to connect and reach out to the customers.”

Gwen Olsen
Enterprise Claims Strategy Assistant Vice President
American Family


Five of the top 10 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Award winners are Hi Marley customers

“We value the metrics and analytics received from the Hi Marley platform. We’ve noted shorter claims cycle times and increased positive customer feedback data as two of the most compelling results.”

Jeffrey Pryce
Assistant Vice President, Claims
Union Mutual


When asked policyholders’ preference for texting during the insurance process, using texting to service an existing policy was the top choice

“A big part of our decision was that the team at Hi Marley understands claims and the insurance business, whereas others just didn’t get it.”

Andrea Presler
Auto Material Damage and Subrogation Leader
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group


100 fewer calls per claim rep per month when using Hi Marley

“We are seeing a reduction in cycle times that we have now eliminated that dreaded phone tag that really sucks the life out of the customer experience.”

Irene Bianchi
Peel Mutual Insurance Company
70% WANT


70% of Canadians said they would use texting to receive notifications from their insurer about timely events

“Our goal is to communicate seamlessly with our customers and real time two-way texting is the solution.”

Rocco Neglia
Vice President, Claims and Loss Prevention
Heartland Farm Mutual


It takes the average person 90 seconds to respond to a text

“Hi Marley satisfies both our need and our customers’ needs as well. The two-way texting and ease of exchanging documents and photos exceed our expectations.”

Roger Graff
Vice President of Claims
Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan


With an average customer satisfaction score of 4.7/5, 90% of customers gave Farm Bureau 5-star ratings

“It’s a win-win. Policyholders prefer text messaging rather than playing phone tag, and Hi Marley makes adjusters much more efficient in handling their claims—which in turn makes everyone happy!”

Todd Shevlin
Senior Personal Lines Claims Manager
Electric Insurance Company


A 93% average opt-in rate proves that text messaging is welcomed by Electric Insurance policyholders

“Hi Marley has significantly improved our claims handling process. Communicating with our customers is now simple and direct. I’m especially pleased with how quickly our staff embraced this technology.”

Tom Harris
President and Chief Operating Officer
Quincy Mutual Group


By using Hi Marley, Quincy Mutual Group found that total claims settled two days faster and call activity decreased by over 10%

“Hi Marley brings our client service to a new level. By integrating their solution, we are creating a better experience for a happier customer while optimizing our internal process efficiencies.”

Brian Turnau
Senior Vice President of Claims


FedNat has seen continued success since launch with 92% five-star ratings and a 4.9/5 average customer score

“Thanks for your partnership in helping us make the claim experience lovable! We look forward to continuing to improve adoption and delivering a truly frictionless experience.”

Lori Pon
Director of Claim Strategy and Innovation
The Auto Club Group


NPS is 319 basis points higher and claim cycle times are a half-day faster when ACG uses Hi Marley.

“In working with Hi Marley, we’ve seen how a communications platform can change a customer’s experience in a moment of need.”

Teresa King
Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer
Encova Insurance


Encova experienced a 46% decrease in cycle time with Hi Marley and average customer ratings of 4.8/5

“We know that speed and convenience of communication is key to delivering the experience of excellence for our customers, and the intelligent conversation platform helps us take it to the next level.”

Alyssa Hunt
Senior Vice President, Technical Operations
QBE North America


QBE North America’s customer satisfaction scores have averaged 4.6/5 stars

“Texting has become a de facto form of communication for many of us and our customers; we recognized an opportunity to more efficiently and effectively communicate with them in a way they prefer.”

Bryan Mjaanes
Vice President of Technology
Vermont Mutual Insurance Group


86% of people said texting is their primary method of electronic communication

“The Hi Marley platform is helping our insurance business level-up to, and even exceed, the expectations of our customers that are used to mobile-enabled experience in most other aspects of their life.”

Mary Boyd
President and CEO
Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation


With Hi Marley, Plymouth Rock experienced a 35% reduction in calls and voicemails

“Working with Hi Marley to pilot new use cases for the Marley platform is an obvious win-win. We are improving our bottom line, but even more, improving the customer experience.”

Steve Messina
Senior Vice President of Insurance Operations
Bankers Insurance


Bankers experienced a 50% reduction in average days to contact and average days to inspect during Hurricane season with Hi Marley

“Hi Marley is easy to implement, is user-friendly, and in the first few weeks is already reducing processing time in both underwriting and claims. Our employees are loving it, too!”

Angie Salmi
Vice President, Information Technology
RAM Mutual Insurance


The built-in translation tool eliminates the time and expense of adding translators to the process

“We are excited to partner with Hi Marley to offer a more positive claims experience, with the added convenience of SMS texting.”

Steve Shiner
Senior Vice President of Claims
MAPFRE Insurance


71% of people said they would text with their insurance company if it was offered

“We were one of the first companies to work with Hi Marley. That has been an outstanding solution for our policyholders, and we have been working with them a few years now.”

Joel Murray
President and CEO
The Norfolk & Dedham Group


Text messages have a 98% open rate, compared to only 20% of emails

The Hi Marley Insurance Cloud

Insurance is complicated and complex. The Hi Marley Insurance Cloud helps manage piecemeal conversations between customers, carriers and service providers through omni-party communication. We create an integrated customer experience across claims, service and sales that improves resolution time and customer satisfaction. Communication is streamlined from start to finish.

Hi Marley Insurance Cloud Highlights

Hi Marley makes it simple for your policyholders to contact you via text, eliminating phone tag and communication inefficiencies. You deliver simple, lovable protection. Your customers gain a trusted friend in their pocket.

Build Trust

Hi Marley is a trusted contact in your policyholders’ pockets. Be there through your policyholders’ life adventures, ensuring they have help when they need it most.

Speak Their Language

Hi Marley’s translation tool allows your policyholders to communicate in the language of their choice. Eliminate translation complexity and translator service expenses.

A Solution for Insurance

Hi Marley is built for the insurance industry by people who know and love insurance. We understand the complexities of the industry and created Hi Marley to ease these complexities.

Improve the Conversation

Use Hi Marley’s analytical insights to understand how your customers feel. You’ll see sentiment rank orders, capture five-star reviews and see individual and team performance.

Everywhere Your Team Needs to Be

Eliminate phone tag. With the Hi Marley mobile app, field adjusters are alerted to new tasks, get up to speed quickly and log conversations as they happen.

Seamless Network

Hi Marley is the platform for the insurance ecosystem. Bring your network into the conversation for faster time to resolution and more satisfied customers.

Our Values

Many companies have core values, but at Hi Marley our team lives by them. Be Humble, Max Courage and Ubuntu are the drivers behind what we do and how we behave.

Our Mission

To empower insurance to communicate simply, build trust and protect what people love. The insurance industry can be misunderstood and mistrusted. Communication is at the heart of the claims process, but unfortunately 30% of policyholders switch insurance carriers due to a poor experience. We want to change this by making insurance lovable one claim at the time.

Our Purpose

Our SMS platform empowers insurance providers to protect people, simply. Policyholders live their life with the confidence they are protected, simply by having open communication with their insurance provider wherever and whenever they need it.


Core to Hi Marley's success and happiness is our team. We celebrate each other's victories in and outside of work, respect each other as individuals and professionals and value ideas over hierarchy. Opinions, thoughts and professional growth matter to all of us.


Improving Communication Across Multiple Lines of Insurance

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